Take a look at an overview of our pricing as it relates to all of our program offerings.

Pricing & Program Overview

PROGRAM TYPEPROGRAM NAMETuitionProgram DescriptionDetailsDuration
Certificate Certificate of Packaging Science $3,999
$349 x 12 mo.
$25 application
12 Courses + Final Exam Foundations | Materials (Corrugated, Paperboard, Glass, Metal, Polymers) | Processes (Machinery, Printing, Distribution) | Influences (Regulations, Sustainability) | Capstone Course (Packaging Design Workflow) LINK On-demand, 100% online
60+ hours of content
12 mo. access
Certificate Automotive Packaging Certificate $2,400 The first and only 100% online academic program that will enable you to develop the professional skill set you need to be successful in the automotive packaging field. LINK On-demand, 100% online, 20+ hours of content, 12 mo. access
Cohort Certificate Certificate of Mastery in Packaging Management from Clemson University Center for Corporate Learning $7,000
$25 application
PhD led cohort taking 10 Courses + Final Exam + Packaging Development Plan LINK 12 week cohort, on-demand courses, weekly PDP requirements + PhD oversight
Cohort Camp Packaging Sales Bootcamp with Sandler Training $3,000 8 Lessons in Sandler Bootcamp, covering the popular topics as they apply to packaging sales LINK 8 week cohort
Cohort Camp Pack Design Camp $144 Design a shoebox | Study the science of paperboard packaging | Learn the art of package design LINK 1 week "virtual" camp, 12 mo. access
Cohort Camp Packaging 101 Boot Camp $79 A solid foundation in packaging basics LINK 8 week program, 1 hour per week
Course Certificate of Packaging Science
Single Courses
$399 each Each course from the 12-course Certificate of Packaging Science program is available individually LINK On-demand, 100% online, 12 mo. access
Course Beverage Courses with International Society of Beverage Technologists $79 to $900 A constantly growing library of courses including deep dives on the Fundamentals of Beverage Technology, Sanitation for Fountain Beverages, Ingredients, Gases, Microbiology, Water & Wastewater Treatment Technology, Sweeteners LINK On-demand, 100% online, 12 mo. access
Course Electives $42 to $399 each A variety of elective courses are available including Human Factors for Packaging Design, Pressure Sensitive Labels 101, Temperature Assured Packaging, Cannabis Packaging, and more LINK On-demand, 100% online, 12 mo. access
Course FREE courses FREE Free Sample content for ALL programs and courses above are available for review, we also have Free standalone courses including Augmented Reality for Packaging, Luxury Packaging, BMW Distribution Testing, and LINK On-demand, 100% online, 12 mo. access

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