Our mission is to provide accessible and applicable online education to a global audience by training the leaders of tomorrow in the art and science of packaging.

The Packaging School bridges the gap between academia and industry by partnering with companies, subject matter experts and associations to create a shared learning management system. Our expanded catalog will enable knowledge-seekers to connect with knowledge-providers in all facets of packaging and processing.

Our team

  • R. Andrew Hurley, PhD

    R. Andrew Hurley, PhD


  • Bianca Hurley

    Bianca Hurley

    Automotive Packaging Specialist

  • Anna Ogletree

    Anna Ogletree

    Packaging Curriculum Specialist

  • Julie Rice Suggs, PhD

    Julie Rice Suggs, PhD

    Academic Director

  • Alli Keigley

    Alli Keigley

    Production Coordinator

  • Jamie Christian

    Jamie Christian

    Web Director

  • Nick Riedl

    Nick Riedl

    Video Content Developer

  • Drew Felty

    Drew Felty


  • Diana Kline Whitaker

    Diana Kline Whitaker

    Strategic Projects Lead

  • Lars Nikolaus

    Lars Nikolaus

    Graphic Designer

  • Ginger Roth

    Ginger Roth

    Executive Assistant

Our History

Founded company

Clemson University Research Foundation

Packaging School finalized our exclusive licensee of a professional packaging curriculum developed at Clemson University

SC Commission on Higher Eductation

Packaging School becomes a licensed postsecondary institution

Certificate of Packaging Science

Twelve courses licensed through Clemson University were fully produced and published into a professional curriculum

Beverage Academy

Partnered with Beverage Institute by ISBT® to help them adapt to the educational needs of modern professionals—to take beverage training online.

Automotive Packaging Summit

300+ professionals across automotive come together to learn and connect

Clemson University Center for Corporate Learning

Packaging School initiates a professional education agreement for a cohort based online learning program, two additional courses and the Package Development Plan are created for the pending program.

Certificate of Mastery in Packaging Management

Dr. Julie Suggs comes onboard as the Educational Director and leads the first cohort for The Certificate of Mastery in Packaging Management, an official program offered by Clemson University

Automotive Packaging Certificate

APC development is commissioned and debuted at AutoPackSummit.com 2019

Hazmat Packaging Certificate

Specialized training in land, sea, air transport modes

Award Winning

Dr. Andrew Hurley is co-winner of 2020 Ralph D. Elliott Award

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Who We Are

The Packaging School brings together the business, art, and science of packaging so you can lead projects, optimize supply chains, increase margins, and develop sustainable solutions.

Our company headquarters are located in Greenville, SC. Please reach out to us at 864-412-5000 or info@packagingschool.com.

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Certificate of Mastery in Packaging Management

Certificate of Packaging Science

Automotive Packaging Certificate

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