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The Packaging School brings together the business, art, and science of packaging so you can lead projects, optimize supply chains, increase margins, and develop sustainable solutions. 

As the exclusive licensee of a professional packaging curriculum developed at Clemson University, we can get you where you want to go.

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We offer a holistic perspective and elevate your understanding of what’s possible through packaging – our efficient and effective online education is the key to your next move.  

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Packaging 101 Bootcamp (New to packaging? Start Here!)

This Boot Camp will serve as an introduction to the packaging industry and provide the fundamental knowledge necessary to get you up to speed. 

Packaging 101 BootCamp runs over 20 work days, with an investment of less than 20 minutes per day. With eight hours of educational content, activities, and cheat sheets, you’ll exit with a solid foundation in packaging basics. Departments such as marketing, sales, procurement, legal, distribution, quality control, manufacturing and warehousing all have unique demands on the packaging. After taking this course, you will have the thought process required of a successful stakeholder in the packaging development process.

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(New!) Automotive Packaging Certificate

The first and only 100% online academic program that will enable you to develop the professional skill set you need to be successful in the automotive packaging field.

We’ve collaborated with subject matter experts and state-of-the-art facilities so you’ll understand the unique roles of Tier 1s, OEMs, and packaging suppliers.

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Fundamentals of Beverage Technology

Every organization in the beverage industry needs to have trained personnel with the knowledge of beverage fundamentals, industry best practices, technical standards and current technology.

As the premier technical beverage industry society, ISBT is in the unique position to offer you the very best in professional development and training solutions.

The ISBT Beverage Institute® is designed to provide an important resource for the global community of beverage professionals. The sessions, given by experienced beverage professionals, provide overviews as well as in-depth discussions on key topics in the art and science of beverage production.

Public Price: $399
ISBT Member Price: $299

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The Packaging School has assembled thousands of learning assets for you. We’ve broken down complex ideas into easy to understand concepts. We help you see the why behind packaging wins and losses. Like air and water packaging surrounds us and will be a key to sustainability.  Check out the example video here, and then come take a journey of discovery with us.  

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Returnables, expendables, just in time, just in sequence, automation, rack integration, transport damage, production, after sales, knocked down, part flow and supply chain, supplier tiers, distribution modes, packaging evaluations, testing, and 35+ more topics

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We offer a holistic perspective and elevate your understanding of what’s possible through packaging – our efficient and effective online education is the key to your next move.

You’ve already got the degree, team experience, and company knowledge. Let us help level up your next packaging project: