Automotive Packaging Certificate

Automotive Packaging Certificate (APC)

The first and only 100% online academic program that will enable you to develop the professional skill set you need to be successful in the automotive packaging field. Ideal for packaging and logistics employees at automotive suppliers and OEMs, as well as sales, customer service and packaging engineers that work for or with packaging providers produce and supply industrial and automotive packaging.

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What is APC?

100% online, automotive packaging expertise.

Covering the unique landscape of automotive packaging - from returnable packaging systems through expendable case studies and applications, supplier databases, transportation, and unique SME feedback, there is no other program that provides this type of content.

We visited leading experts at PakFab (Returnable Metal Packaging), Tree Brand Packaging (Expendable Packaging – Wood), NTIC Excor Zerust (Comprehensive Corrosion Control), and IPS (Packaging Distributor) to develop industry-specific education from the people who know it best.

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Learn best practices from the industry's top minds.

We've collaborated with subject matter experts and state-of-the-art facilities so you'll understand the unique roles of Tier 1s, OEMs, and packaging suppliers. We'll cover part and packaging storage, handling, identification, and customization of returnable and expendable packaging solutions.

How does it work?

Be the Innovation.

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There is no school or program that enables professionals to work within the field of Automotive Packaging. Use this program for onboarding of new hires, as a resources for current employees, for strategic launch preparations and as a tool for continued education for your logistics, packaging and quality teams.
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548 pages of actionable content to accelerate your retention and mastery of the automotive packaging industry.
Curriculum Includes
Automotive Packaging Overview
Returnable Packaging
Expendable packaging
Packaging distributors
Packaging operations at OEMs
Packaging operations at Tier 1s
Hazmat Packaging*
*Special thanks to Josh Galvarino. This exclusive program is self-paced and can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

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    Northern Technologies International Corporation


    Magna Decostar


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    Indigo Packaging and Consulting

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From Classroom to Career: Student Success Stories

Empower yourself and your team to reach new heights with this unparalleled program, offering flexibility and depth, tailored to help you and your employees excel in your automotive packaging careers.
I really enjoyed this course, very informative and covered almost everything in packaging that can easily be applied in any domain. Give it a look if you are a passionate or want to improve your packaging knowledge.
Nicoleta Lordan
Nicoleta Lordan, MOBIS Parts Europe N.V.
Deputy Manager

October 21-23rd, 2024
Hyatt Regency, Greenville SC

The premier open forum for OEMs, Tier 1 Part Suppliers and Packaging Solution Providers to discuss packaging innovations and challenges. Since 2017, we’ve helped gather knowledge leaders for a unique event called the Automotive Packaging Summit. Over 250 automotive packaging professionals from OEMs, Tier 1 part suppliers, and packaging solution providers have gathered in South Carolina to discuss common industry hurdles and solutions.

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