Certificate of Sustainable Packaging (CSP)

In the quest for sustainable packaging, the Packaging School introduces a transformative program empowering industry professionals to navigate the complexities of sustainable design. This initiative equips companies with internal champions, well-versed in the dos and don'ts of sustainable packaging, fostering a positive force for change within organizations.

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What is CSP?

Mastering Sustainable Packaging: From Concept to End of Life

In the sustainability discourse, it's more than a buzzword; it's a vital ongoing dialogue crucial for every industry. Meeting customer demands for sustainable packaging requires embedding this conversation into the packaging concept phase, considering the entire lifecycle to minimize environmental impact.

To that end, the Packaging School has crafted a sustainability package design program that will equip learners to fluently communicate in sustainability language, set and achieve UN-based sustainability targets, design sustainable systems, measure carbon footprints, attain carbon neutrality through offset programs, and integrate a cutting-edge LCA software into their packaging concept development and material selection processes.

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Mastering Sustainable Packaging

How Does it Work?

A Dynamic Online Learning Experience

Instruction will consist of online pre-recorded lectures, presentations, downloadable PDFs, practical exercises/assignments, knowledge checks, discussion, and surveys. While everything is online, housed within a learning management system, online office hours will be provided upon request.

Sustainability Leader

This 40-hour workshop unlocks the Sustainability Leader achievement, empowering companies to cultivate internal heroes mastering the dos and don'ts of sustainable packaging, transforming intentions into impactful actions.
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Challenge Progress
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Objective 1
Define the key terminology needed to speak the language of sustainability with colleagues and customers
Objective 2
Construct UN-based sustainability targets and goals
Objective 3
Develop sustainable system designs (on the material level)
Objective 4
Measure the carbon footprint of your packaging
Objective 5
Select relevant offset programs to achieve carbon neutrality at a per product/package
Objective 6
Assess your environmental performance criteria through a license to cutting-edge sustainability tools (ISO 14040/14044 compliant life cycle analysis software) into your concept development and material selection steps of packaging design

Where do I start?

Lead the Charge: Empower Progress through Sustainable Packaging

Position yourself as the unparalleled knowledge leader within your company by mastering every facet of sustainable packaging. From inception to delivery, become the authority on best practices, ensuring a seamless journey that aligns with eco-friendly principles. Elevate your expertise and spearhead sustainable initiatives that make a lasting impact.
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Recommended Materials

→ Review of https://sdgs.un.org/goals
→ Access to printing and prototyping equipment

Want more sustainability?

Ready to Take the Lead in Sustainability? Expand Your Expertise Now!

With over two decades of industry experience, Dr. Sandeep Kulkarni, founder and President of KoolEarth Solutions Inc., and an adjunct professor at the Packaging School, guides students through the comprehensive exploration of bioplastics, offering insights, strategies, and a forward-looking perspective on integrating bioplastics into current applications.
Learning Boost
Bioplastics for Packaging
An online course that provides an introduction to the area of bioplastics and offers guidance on the usage of these materials for packaging applications.
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The Packaging School brings together the business, art, and science of packaging so you can lead projects, optimize supply chains, increase margins, and develop sustainable solutions.

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