The First Online Automotive Packaging Program Launched in March 2020

The Packaging School Introduces a New Curriculum, the Automotive Packaging Certificate

Greenville, SC, on February 18, 2020: The Packaging School is pleased to announce the launch date for its latest online packaging curriculum, the Automotive Packaging Certificate (APC). The APC is set to be released on March 2, 2020, and is geared toward professionals looking to expand their knowledge of industry specifics related to automotive packaging. This new Certificate is the first of its kind, and it provides a comprehensive understanding of the packaging supply chain through an in-depth study across automotive manufacturers, part suppliers, and packaging providers. 

Regardless of an individual’s educational background, the Automotive Packaging Certificate allows both new and experienced professionals to raise the value of their contributions to the automotive packaging industry without having to step foot inside a classroom. 

By having an automotive concentration, it does provide exposure to current voids and certainly makes a candidate more valuable,” says Drew Cockman, Section Manager, Logistics Planning and Packaging at BMW.

The APC is solely web-based, allowing worldwide accessibility through internet access. By collaborating with subject-matter experts who utilize state-of-the-art facilities, the certificate aims to assist students enrolled in the program in navigating the unique roles of Tier 1s, OEMs, and packaging suppliers. Among the courses included in the Automotive Packaging Certificate, course material will cover part and packaging storage, handling, identification, and customization of returnable and expendable packaging solutions. Program lessons include real-world case studies and are part of a larger curriculum, detailed in the bullets below. 

  • Industry Overview for Automotive Packaging

  • Returnable Packaging

  • Expendable Packaging

  • Packaging Distributors

  • Packaging Operations at OEMs

  • Packaging Operations at Tier 1s

  • Transportation

  • Hazmat Packaging 

The APC fulfills a need that has been articulated repeatedly at the Automotive Packaging Summit, an annual event held in Upstate South Carolina. Each year, the Summit has grown in attendance as specialists and industry leaders are brought together for both visionary keynote presentations and practical insights on supply chain tactics. The APC was identified as a way to bring conference learning “back to the team” for professionals unable to travel to the Summit.

The Automotive Packaging Certificate is open for enrollment now, with classes available starting March 2, 2020, at $2,400. Company and Team pricing are available upon inquiry. For more information, visit

About The Packaging School: As the exclusive licensee of a professional packaging curriculum developed at Clemson University, the Packaging School has created a comprehensive certificate program on the foundations of packaging. Our global learning platform facilitates connections between knowledge seekers and experts in the dynamic field of packaging. The Packaging School enables professionals to learn key topics, master new areas of expertise, and build reliable professional relationships within the vast packaging industry.

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