ORBIS Sponsors Online Automotive Packaging Program

ORBIS Corporation, an international leader in reusable packaging, is now sponsoring the Packaging School’s new curriculum, the Automotive Packaging Certificate (APC). This new certificate is the first of its kind and is geared toward automotive packaging professionals looking to expand their knowledge of part packaging.

The Packaging School (PS) has combined 50 years of academic research and instructional design with the hands-on knowledge of subject matter experts to develop comprehensive education for the field of packaging. With 8,000+ enrollments globally on packagingschool.com, professionals can visit the online school to consume the latest training videos, enabling them to work more confidently and efficiently.

"This certificate is excellent for those looking to increase their expertise in the automotive packaging industry," said Scott Krebs, industrial marketing manager at ORBIS. “We’re excited to partner with the Packaging School to offer packaging professionals the opportunity to build and sharpen their skills and understanding of the dynamic automotive packaging supply chain.

This self-paced online certificate program covers part and packaging storage, handling, identification, and customization of returnable and expendable packaging solutions. The online curriculum is available on demand and is easily accessible to professionals regardless of their location. It is ideal for professionals looking to continue their education or learn the latest trends.

With decades of experience designing and implementing reusable automotive part packaging, ORBIS contributed to the content used in the curriculum, including practical information on packaging types, packaging materials, and typical applications.

As part of the sponsorship, ORBIS is able to offer this educational opportunity to customers and employees. In addition to the APC program, ORBIS also sponsored several enrollments in the Certificate of Packaging Science (CPS) program. From design conception to production and end of life, the CPS program teaches students about the materials and processes shaping the advancement of the packaging industry. Additionally, ORBIS is offering discounts to employees and customers for the Certificate of Mastery in Packaging Management, an online executive educational program in the space of packaging development, material procurement, and organizational management. To learn more about these certificates and others offered through PS, please visit https://packagingschool.com/certificates/.

Please visit orbiscorporation.com to learn more about ORBIS Corporation.

About ORBIS Corporation
With more than 170 years of material handling expertise and 65 years of plastics innovations, ORBIS helps world-class customers move their product faster, safer, and more cost-effectively with reusable totes, pallets, containers, dunnage and racks. Using a proven approach, ORBIS experts analyze customers’ systems, design a solution, and execute a reusable packaging program for longer-term cost savings and sustainability. Using life-cycle assessments to compare reusable and single-use packaging, ORBIS also helps customers reduce their overall environmental impact. ORBIS is a part of Menasha Corporation, one of the oldest family-owned manufacturers in the United States. As a steward of sustainability, ORBIS is committed to a better world for future generations. Headquartered in Oconomowoc, ORBIS has more than 2,500 employees and 55 locations throughout North America and Europe. For more information, please visit www.orbiscorporation.com, www.facebook.com/ORBISCorporation, www.twitter.com/orbiscorp, https://www.linkedin.com/company/orbis-corporation or www.youtube.com/orbiscorp.

About the Packaging School
As the exclusive licensee of a professional packaging curriculum developed at Clemson University, the Packaging School has created a comprehensive certificate program on the foundations of packaging.

The Packaging School is a global learning platform facilitating connections between knowledge seekers and experts in the dynamic field of packaging. The Packaging School enables professionals to learn key topics, master new areas of expertise, and build reliable professional relationships within the vast packaging industry.

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