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Packaging Bootcamp 101

This Boot Camp will serve as an introduction to the packaging industry and provide the fundamental knowledge necessary to get you up to speed.

Corrugated Containers

An informative course with easy to digest information that will teach you the art and science of corrugated containers.

Packaging Design Workflow

A course that provides the complete pathway of the design process from concept to manufacturing.

Sales Operations for Printing and Packaging Professionals

Are you ready to have your front line sales people be your most powerful source of sustainably sourced revenue?

Packaging Foundations

An essential introduction to the art, science, and business of packaging.

Introduction to Corrugated Design

Learn the fundamentals of corrugated, how to identify corrugated board, and how to use it.

Packaging Printing

This course provides an overview of different printing methods and ties in the graphic development workflow.

Sustainable Packaging

Have you ever wondered how grocery store produce ships from the farm to the grocery store?

Paperboard Cartons

Explore the capabilities of paperboard cartons in this course, and comprehend why it’s widely used across the packaging industry.

Flexographic Print Fundamentals

Master how to produce and troubleshoot flexographic printing to produce high quality work.

Packaging Machinery

An online course that provides a thorough look at the machinery used to produce high volumes of quality packages.

Packaging Laws and Regulations

In this course, we map out the major regulatory agencies such as FDA, EPA, USDA, CFR, ASTM, and ISO. 

Pack Design Workshop

Students completing the workshop will design and improve a paperboard carton or corrugated container and learn how to price and order production samples of their packaging. 

Packaging Distribution

An essential course that provides a thorough teaching of the distribution process and how to ensure packages remain intact through the duration of each stage. 

IADD Diecutting Academy: Diecutting 101

Diecutting 101 covers the fundamentals of diecutting; starting with an overview of the practice of this fabrication process. 

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The Packaging School brings together the business, art, and science of packaging so you can lead projects, optimize supply chains, increase margins, and develop sustainable solutions.

Our company headquarters are located in Greenville, SC. Please reach out to us at 864-412-5000 or info@packagingschool.com.

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