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Adam Moffitt, UPM

I want you and Dr. Hurley to know that you have created a fantastic program. I know it will evolve as times change, but you all have hit the nail on the head with filling in gaps across all position levels as well as different packaging styles and needs.

Janis McIntosh, Naturipe Farms

I can honestly say that I applied elements of what I have learned from your program to this project, particularly in the area of building a timeline line and involving all stake holders in the process. We began shipping 3 weeks ago and the orders are increasing. Thanks again for all your help!

Gregory Cox

If you’re looking to increase your Packaging IQ. Here’s a good start! Despite having a degree in packaging and having worked in the industry for nearly 10 years, I still learned quite a bit. Very proud to share this achievement! Thank you Prof. Andrew Hurley, PhD, Julie Rice Suggs, PhD, and everyone at The Packaging School for putting together this program. It was a lot of fun and well designed! Cheers!

TiUnna Langley, Veritiv Corporation

I joined because I love what I do as a Packaging Engineer. The Packaging School gives individuals the balance of utilizing his/her spare time while working full-time. I have recommended the program to colleagues and have boasted about it to upper management.

Vince Hayden, American Box Company

I enrolled to establish the basic fundamentals of packaging materials and processes to allow us to better serve our customers in these areas and speak intelligently to our vendors when requesting assistance.

Fabio Rosati

I recently finished my first course, and I already see things differently inside my company and the position I would like to reach in my career journey. I seriously think that The Packaging School courses were the answer that I needed right now to make a further step into my personal education.

Lauren McDonald

So proud to hang my Certificate of Mastery in Packaging Management from The Packaging School next to my Clemson University Packaging Science degree! Thank you Julie Rice Suggs, PhD and Prof. Andrew Hurley, PhD for the support during the tenure of this course. My favorite portion was definitely the PDP (Packaging Development Plan). I came up with the brand ‘Lush.ly;’ a bath company that was redesigning the package the bath salts ship in to different retailers. I loved being creative and imaginative with my product/packaging. Up next, Automotive Packaging Certificate!

Eric Ockerlund, Production Manager of OxBox

These courses are great for those new to the packaging industry that really want to get their foot in the door and jumpstart their career. The courses contain loads of information, yet they are not at all overwhelming. I really like how the courses provide the student with not only basic knowledge of the different parts of the packaging industry, but an in-depth look into the various operations and machines used. These courses also provide a great understanding of the vocabulary used in the industry. All in all, it’s a fantastic way to gain years worth of knowledge in just a few weeks.

Adam M.

When you are passionate about something, your education should never end. The Certificate of Mastery in Packaging Management from Clemson University's Center for Corporate Learning is one of the most comprehensive, challenging and viable programs I have ever seen. I am thankful for the opportunity, I am thankful to work for UPM Raflatac that provided this challenge and I am eager to transfer my knowledge to a great industry I have the privilege of working in.

Shailesh Sharma

Completed...Certificate of Mastery in Packaging Technology from The Packaging School and Clemson Center for Corporate Learning. Thanks you Prof. Andrew Hurley, PhD for knowledgeable course contents Thanks a lot Julie Rice Suggs, PhD as a great guide during the course

Scott Lansdale

Successfully completed the Certificate of Mastery in Packaging Management and I highly recommend this program. Great way to improve your technical packaging skills and make use of online learning during a Pandemic.

Kyle Strenski

Very excited to take and now complete the Certificate of Mastery in Packaging Management. This is a great course to build and reinforce packaging knowledge. Thanks to Raflatac for supporting my desire to continue to learn.

Chris Marsh

Thanks to Dr. Julie Rice Suggs and staff ! Great program !

Mario Barrios

Very excited to share this personal, professional and academic achievement!

TJ Lenz, Packaging Technologist, Masters Gallery Foods

I am now able to approach every packaging project with more confidence.

Kaitlyn Zinn, Graphic Designer, Georgia Pacific

I am now regarded as having knowledge of the design field AND what looks good and functions well in the whole packaging supply chain.

Christopher Small, Packaging Engineer, Blue Buffalo

The courses were very detailed and covered virtually every aspect of packaging types and processes.

Corey Tilley, Senior Director of Strategic Sourcing, Novolex

The flexibility of the online program was perfect for my busy schedule.

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