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Student Testimonials

Adam Moffitt
Business Development Manager | UPM Raflatac

At this point in my career, I was searching for an educational opportunity with the most comprehensive, data driven, and practical program and the CMPM offered that in droves. I was able to use my background to traverse other packaging disciplines and learn all new platforms I had interacted with but never had the chance to dive in. I recommend this program whether you’re just starting in packaging or even with several years under your belt.

Janis McIntosh
Naturipe Farms

I can honestly say that I applied elements of what I have learned from your program to this project, particularly in the area of building a timeline line and involving all stake holders in the process. We began shipping 3 weeks ago and the orders are increasing. Thanks again for all your help!

Gregory Cox

If you’re looking to increase your Packaging IQ. Here’s a good start! Despite having a degree in packaging and having worked in the industry for nearly 10 years, I still learned quite a bit. Very proud to share this achievement! Thank you Prof. Andrew Hurley, PhD, Julie Rice Suggs, PhD, and everyone at The Packaging School for putting together this program. It was a lot of fun and well designed! Cheers!

TiUnna Langley
Veritiv Corporation

I joined because I love what I do as a Packaging Engineer. The Packaging School gives individuals the balance of utilizing his/her spare time while working full-time. I have recommended the program to colleagues and have boasted about it to upper management.

Vince Hayden
American Box Company

I enrolled to establish the basic fundamentals of packaging materials and processes to allow us to better serve our customers in these areas and speak intelligently to our vendors when requesting assistance.

Fabio Rosati

I recently finished my first course, and I already see things differently inside my company and the position I would like to reach in my career journey. I seriously think that The Packaging School courses were the answer that I needed right now to make a further step into my personal education.

Lauren McDonald
Packaging Engineer II | Nissan Motor Corporation

I loved the fact that the CMPM program was an interactive online series that inspired my creativity and enabled my ability to use new tools to take back to Nissan North America, Inc. It allowed me to implement an effective and efficient packaging process to help not only me, but my colleagues in their everyday performance on the job.

Gavan Singh
Packaging Eng and Logistic Coordinator | Draexlmaier

This program met my expectations. In this program we are learning more in-depth compared to what we could learn in school and at a much more accelerated pace. For the price and going through the program, this program met my objective.

Adam M.

When you are passionate about something, your education should never end. The Certificate of Mastery in Packaging Management from Clemson University's Center for Corporate Learning is one of the most comprehensive, challenging and viable programs I have ever seen. I am thankful for the opportunity, I am thankful to work for UPM Raflatac that provided this challenge and I am eager to transfer my knowledge to a great industry I have the privilege of working in.

Shailesh Sharma

Completed...Certificate of Mastery in Packaging Technology from The Packaging School and Clemson Center for Corporate Learning. Thanks you Prof. Andrew Hurley, PhD for knowledgeable course contents Thanks a lot Julie Rice Suggs, PhD as a great guide during the course

Scott Lansdale
R&D Packaging Engineer | MTF Biologics

The Certificate of Master in Packaging Management is a great way to improve your technical packaging skills and make use of online learning. I liked the fact that you can complete the courses at your own pace each week and have access to knowledgeable packaging professionals throughout the program. Highly recommended.

Kyle Strenski

Very excited to take and now complete the Certificate of Mastery in Packaging Management. This is a great course to build and reinforce packaging knowledge. Thanks to Raflatac for supporting my desire to continue to learn.

Clay Mitchell
Category Manager | American Paper and Twine

The CMPM program offers valuable insights into the latest packaging trends and processes. It also provides an excellent framework for project management. I highly encourage anyone who is interested in taking their packaging knowledge to the next level to take this course.

Mario Barrios
Senior Packaging Engineer | Colgate-Palmolive Company

The CMPM is a great program for both up-and-coming professionals curious to know more about packaging engineering as well as seasoned packaging professionals who are looking to do deeper dives and obtain additional knowledge; very fun, useful and engaging overall!

TJ Lenz
Packaging Technologist | Masters Gallery Foods

I am now able to approach every packaging project with more confidence.

Kaitlyn Zinn
Graphic Designer | Georgia Pacific

I am now regarded as having knowledge of the design field AND what looks good and functions well in the whole packaging supply chain.

Christopher Small
Packaging Engineer | Blue Buffalo

The courses were very detailed and covered virtually every aspect of packaging types and processes.

Corey Tilley
Senior Director of Strategic Sourcing | Novolex

The flexibility of the online program was perfect for my busy schedule.

Chris Marsh
Regional Sales Manager | Jamestown Container Corporation

Although I am currently in the corrugated industry this course gave me a great refresher on developing packaging for our current customers and new prospects. Very detailed and insightful into the “why” of consumer buying decisions. I use the framework for the project development plan daily and have asked my team of Account Managers and Designers to focus on key elements of the plan, specifically the needs analysis and market research portions.

Carolina Molina
Packaging Engineer | Smurfit Kappa

I´m glad to have completed the Mastery in Packaging Management Certification from Clemson University and The Packaging School, this was a great opportunity to continue learning and growing as a packaging professional and will further contribute to strengthen our value proposition for our customers.

Nathan J Pusateri
Field Sales Spt Sys Engr Sr Stf Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company

I would highly recommend the CMPM Program to anyone wanting to increase their knowledge and skill sets online. The CMPM Program does a great job of presenting information in multiple formats and making the information engaging, easy to understand, and applicable to the real world. Both the CMPM Program and the staff make going back to school online highly achievable and satisfying.

Jason McLawhorn
CPLP, CPP, CTL, Packaging Engineer BSH Home Appliances Corporation Bosch/ Termador/ Gaggenau

Even with over 20 years of experience in the packaging field, the CMPM program expanded my packaging knowledge and helped me understand and learn about packaging materials and concepts that I have not previously been exposed to. This has opened up a world of opportunity that I would not have been able to enjoy if I had not enrolled in this program.

Carolina Aristizábal Molina
Packaging Engineer Smurfit Kappa

The CMPM is a very complete and inspiring program, its content has contributed to reinforce my knowledge in key areas such as materials, production processes, and supply chain. This allowed me to keep growing as a packaging professional and will further contribute to strengthen my value proposition and packaging solutions to my customers.

Garrett Patrick
Packaging Engineer Gorilla Glue

The CMPM was a constructive overview of all things packaging! The coursework provided was informational and applicable to everyday practices within our organization; laying the groundwork for what it takes to launch a package.

Rebeca Granados Andrade
Experience Centre Manager Smurfit Kappa México

The CMPM program exceeded my expectations regarding packaging machine systems, sustainability, and point of purchase strategies, through a complete and holistic approach to the different aspects of packaging.

Macarena Diaz Eduards
Packaging Designer Smurfit Kappa

The CMPM journey was an opportunity to rediscover the packaging world. It provided me a full picture from the planning to the implementation of a new product, going through materials, processes, sustainability, consumers behaviors, and more. So now it’s time to create new packaging solutions.

Logan Steinfeld
Senior Manager Staples

CMPM provides a great overview of the entire packaging process, from concept to production. The program helped me gain a better understanding of regulations, sustainability, materials, manufacturing, and logistics, breaking down complex information and guiding me to apply my learnings week after week.

Christin Cupo

The Certificate of Mastery in Packaging Management is a valuable program that complimented my 20+ year work experience in the Beauty Industry and provided updated information in areas such as sustainability and advancements in material production and printing techniques. The online program was self-paced and thoroughly detailed the process of developing a consumer product from design & material through to logistics and testing protocols. Our advisor, Julie Rice Suggs, PhD was available at a moment’s notice to answer questions and provide feedback on project concepts and ideas. I especially enjoyed learning about package design and the thought process of consumers. The final project was a challenging, creative process that allowed me to use each week’s teaching in a practical, real-world application.

Linkedin Testimonials

Okwuejunti Emeka

Manufacturing Engineering Specialist at Valmet Automotive

After so much procrastinations and contemplations, I have accomplished this informative course on Automotive packaging officially organised by packagingschool.com. My takes from this accomplishment are further comprehension on what OEMs, Tier 1, and Tier 2 suppliers are involved in during vehicle manufacturing from packaging point of view. I recommend this course to anyone interested in going down this lane.

Macarena Diaz Eduards

Packaging designer en Smurfit Kappa

I'm super happy to share that I've received my Certificate of Mastery in Packaging Management, after a great journey! More than grateful with Smurfit Kappa for the amazing opportunity and the new challenge for keep growing. Also thanks to Clemson University and The Packaging School and of course to Julie Rice Suggs, PhD our supporting tutor. Lets create new packaging solutions! #SomosSK #PackagingManagment

Christin Cupo

Experienced Director of Project Management

I highly recommend this program offered through Clemson University. I have just completed the 12 week program, and have gained invaluable information and updates to round out my work experience. The bonus is, my son is so jealous I have a certificate on the way from Clemson! Thank you Julie Rice Suggs, PhD, for the support and guidance along the way!

Rebeca Granados Andrade

Experience Centre Manager México

Today received the news that I successfully completed the Mastery in Packaging Management from Clemson University and The Packaging School Couldn’t be more grateful with Smurfit Kappa for the opportunity to continue learning and improving my skills as a packaging professional, in order to deliver holistic #packagingsolutions for our customers. #SmurfitKappa #Openthefuture #Continuouslearning

Claudia García Sifuentes

Packaging Designer / Graphic Designer

Definitely a great personal and professional satisfaction is what this Mastery in Packaging Management has meant for me!! Working for a company like Smurfit Kappa is one of the greatest achievements in my career, not only because of being able to belong to the Design and Innovation team, but because it has allowed me to grow and develop and many times challenge myself, and this is an example of how much this company has given me. Thank you Maria Ysabel Berdugo y Edmundo Ornelas for trusting me for this project.

Todd Stephany

Commercial Sales Manager at IPS Packaging

After completing 12 courses and passing my final exam, I now feel even more confident in helping our many customers at IPS Packaging and Automation! Please call me if I can help you with any of your packaging or automation needs!

Ingrid Sobrinho

Engenheira Química

I am very grateful to this opportunity that Smurfit Kappa constantly offers us, to aggregate more knowledge and growth as professionals. Thanks Smurfit Kappa Thanks The Packaging School and Clemson University’s Center for Corporate Learning #smurfitkappa

Mike Williams

Division Sales Manager - IPS Packaging & Automation

After completing 12 courses, and passing the final exam, I am now officially certified in Packaging Science! Blessed to work for an organization that will invest in continuing my education to better serve our customers.

Amanda Frenes

Packaging Specialist at Bondi Sands

Today I completed this course and I highly recommend it for anyone that would like to get a better understanding of the many intricacies of the packaging world. Whether you work directly in the packaging space or not, it is great way to learn and gain more insight on how packaging matters and affects us on a micro and macro level.

Christopher Venegas

Plant Manager at US Display Group

If you do not believe in yourself no one will do it for you. I’m living my dream and I’m only getting started. I decided to invest in myself and have now completed The Packaging School CMPM program. God is Good Romans 8:28

Sheridyn Gasser

Structural / Graphic Designer

I had a great experience taking courses to receive this certificate from Clemson University in the Mastery of Packaging Management! There was so much information about all aspects of the packaging cycle, from branding and concepts, to project management, materials, manufacturing, sustainability, and so much more. I have greatly broadened my knowledge of the packaging industry as a whole, which was exactly what I hoped to gain from this program. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to take a deeper dive into the industry!

Victoria Popnikolov

Senior Structural Designer

The Certificate of Mastery in Packaging Management was everything I needed at this time of my career development and I will highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for professional development in the packaging sector. The well structured curriculum and self-paced schedule exceeded my personal expectations. The overview of the entire packaging process was a perfect balance of information presented in a clear and engaging manner. To complete the experience, the program presents its students with the opportunity to develop Product Development Plan, which covers all spectrums of the process and gives a hands on experience from developing, through sustainability and manufacturing, to retail. My admiration to the whole Packaging School team and especially to Julie Rice Suggs, PhD who was beyond exceptional and supportive.

Kawther Akid

Graphic Designer / Freelancer

I'm happy to share with you something that I'm really proud of. After months of studying and true commitment, I now proudly have a certificate in packaging science by The Packaging School! As a graphic designer who is passionate about packaging design, I wanted to complement my graphic expertise by raising my packaging IQ in the technical and business sides of this very rich field. So, The Packaging School's online extensive course that covers the material, methods and machinery behind packaging seemed like the perfect match. I now know a lot more about what takes to create a successful packaging. I know how paper, metal and glass are made, what kinds of tests and regulations a packaging has to go through in the distribution system and how sustainability could be approached every step of the way! A big thank you to every team member who I had the chance to interact with during this program: Diana Whitaker, Julie Rice Suggs, PhD, Andrew Hurley, PhD and Drew Felty. You were all very supportive and nice and I really appreciated your efforts in making this experience as smooth as possible.

Clay Williams

Sales Rep | Southeastern Packaging Equipment Sales

"Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I remember, Involve me and I learn" -Benjamin Franklin Shot out to Julie Rice Suggs, PhD for being an awesome professor

Paulo Bernardo Kovalski

Packaging Designer | Smurfit Kappa

Very happy to end this amazing learning cycle. It was a great opportunity to deeper the knowledge in packaging solutions, understanding it further. This course is very well balanced for learning and challenging in the project to put in practice these new acquired knowledge. Thanks very much Smurfit Kappa for the opportunity, hoping to put it in a even better service to our clients. Thanks Julie Rice Suggs PhD for all your support during these amazing twelve weeks.

Socrates Garcia Sojo

Senior packaging designer / Design Supervisor | "Smurfit Kappa FC & HC plants"

Today I take a big leap in my career, I have finished my Certificate of Mastery in Packaging Management from The Packaging School and Clemson University. It was definitely a great experience. I have been able to learn much more than I expected, thanks to all the people who supported me during the process, especially Smurfit Kappa team for giving me the opportunity to continue growing, to my family for joining me in this extra effort and my coaches and teachers who didn't let us give up and guided us every time until get it. Thanks everyone!

Jeremiah Skuya

Packaging Engineer | Yazaki North America

Very good program. Year long online school for Certificate of Packaging Science

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