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“Hey Julie! Thank you for the knowledge and the comprehensive study guide. I was initially very nervous about the test, but the way the information was presented and organized throughout this entire journey was spot on. If you cannot tell I am extremely passionate about packaging and I have enjoyed every second of furthering my education. I want you and Dr. Hurley to know that you have created a fantastic program. I know it will evolve as times change, but you all have hit the nail on the head with filling in gaps across all position levels as well as different packaging styles and needs. I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity and I will let everyone know how great a program this is. Hopefully we can meet in person at some point so I can thank you properly. If you need anything from me going forward at any time, please do not hesitate to reach out to me at any time. Thanks again!”

Adam Moffitt, UPM

Packaging School_Eric Ockerlund

“These courses are great for those new to the packaging industry that really want to get their foot in the door and jumpstart their career. The courses contain loads of information, yet they are not at all overwhelming. I really like how the courses provide the student with not only basic knowledge of the different parts of the packaging industry, but an in-depth look into the various operations and machines used. These courses also provide a great understanding of the vocabulary used in the industry. All in all, it’s a fantastic way to gain years worth of knowledge in just a few weeks.”

Eric Ockerlund, Production Manager of OxBox

“I can honestly say that I applied elements of what I have learned from your program to this project, particularly in the area of building a timeline line and involving all stake holders in the process. We began shipping 3 weeks ago and the orders are increasing. Thanks again for all your help! ”

Janis McIntosh, Naturipe Farms

Packaging School_TiUnna Langley

“I joined because I love what I do as a Packaging Engineer. The Packaging School gives individuals the balance of utilizing his/her spare time while working full-time. I have recommended the program to colleagues and have boasted about it to upper management.”  

TiUnna Langley, Veritiv Corporation

Packaging School_Vince Hayden

“I enrolled to establish the basic fundamentals of packaging materials and processes to allow us to better serve our customers in these areas and speak intelligently to our vendors when requesting assistance.”

Vince Hayden, American Box Company

” I recently finished my first course, and I already see things differently inside my company and the position I would like to reach in my career journey. I seriously think that The Packaging School courses were the answer that I needed right now to make a further step into my personal education.”   

Fabio Rosati

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