Sustainability in Packaging

Among the packaging industry, sustainability is not a one-time discussion. This is why we have incorporated sustainability in our online courses in the hopes that focusing on both the beginning and end of a package's life will aid in minimizing its impact on the planet.

Sustainability in our curriculum:


Are you looking for ways to make more sustainable decisions in your packaging line? In this course, you’re going to get a solid foundation in sustainable design. Course material includes tools and resources you can apply today to make more environmentally conscious decisions. We will cover LCA, energy sourcing, design optimization and effective recovering. Consideration of the 3Ps (people, planet and profit) together are absolutely essential in crafting a convincing sustainable strategy.



Our carefully curated Sustainable Design Checklist is designed to be a cooperative tool to help you determine your product’s environmental profile. We’ll even share guidelines on how to use this document efficiently and effectively among your team members.

The APR Design Guide was designed to show the plastic recycling industry’s recommendations for creating sustainable packaging.

Measure the sustainability of a product or system through quantitative and objective methodologies regulated by the ISO 14040 International Series of Standards.

Learn how companies have perfected the balance between function and sustainability through real-world case studies. These examples allow a bridge between sustainable theory and application.

Brand Sustainability Webinar

Check out this webinar on brand sustainability guidelines by our very own, Dr. Andrew Hurley and Dr. Julie Suggs.

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