CPS-C10 Packaging Regulations

An online course designed to be a first step in educating yourself on agencies and regulations that impact the product categories you design with.


In this course, we map out the major regulatory agencies such as FDA, EPA, USDA, CFR, ASTM, and ISO. Once defined, we break down relevant and applicable laws into cheat sheets for you to have immediate access to when working on projects. By no means is this course a replacement for legal review, but it is an ideal way to build the foundation of the laws and regulations applicable to packaging.


After successful completion of CPS-C10 Packaging Regulations, students will be able to:

  • Learn the regulatory agencies that impact your packaging design process
  • Remain up to date on packaging industry laws and regulations
  • Learn the fundamentals of the United States regulatory process
  • Review the framework for legal requirements
  • Understand ten main factors that directly relate to packaging regulations and laws
  •  Interpret how course material is applicable through real-world case studies


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