CPS-C07 Packaging Machinery

An online course that provides a thorough look at the machinery used to produce high volumes of quality packages.


This course enable students to learn how individual machines can be connected to create a packaging line. You will learn: how to be realistic in selecting a co-packer, how the structural design of a package influences the efficiency of the line, and how you can optimize your package design and machinery to produce the most proficient packaging line.​


After successful completion of CPS-C07 Packaging Machinery, students will be able to:

  • Understand how to make business decisions in relation to packaging machinery surrounding efficiency and efficacy
  • Learn about the types of packaging machinery used when producing high volume quantities
  • Review proper machine terminology and apply this information when referencing machinery in the packaging industry
  • Comprehend the fundamentals of the levels of packaging and automation
  • Review the production line in depth, from layouts and orientating equipment to processes such as filling, closing, and thermoforming
  • Learn about the evolution of machinery and developments made through industrial revolutions


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