CPS-C08 Package Printing

This course provides an overview of different printing methods and ties in the graphic development workflow.


This course teaches the essential information needed to know for package development in regard to printing. Industry veterans also share useful insight into this in-depth process.


After successful completion of CPS-C08 Package Printing, students will be able to:

  • Make proper decisions within package development based on essential topics such as flexography, lithography, gravure, screen printing, and digital printing
  • Unveil the intersection between print and packaging through artwork and design principles and terminology
  • Understand the advantages, disadvantages, and costs associated with each of the mentioned processes
  • Learn how package development processes can affect your industry projects through application
  • Review the graphic development workflow, beginning with color management strategies and ending with printing methods
  • Hear from exclusive tips from industry experts on best practices in package printing


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