CPS-C05 Metal Packaging

An in-depth course that covers the metal packaging industry and outlines raw materials and processing.


This course details the different types of metal that are applicable to packaging and go through the process of making cans and closure systems. From an applied perspective, it covers how consumers perceive metal packaging and where it makes sense in a decision-making strategy, along with real-world case studies of companies moving into or away from metal.​


After successful completion of CPS-C05 Metal Packaging, students will be able to:

  •  Learn about the history of metal and its usage in packaging, as well as the current state of the industry
  • Understand the manufacturing process thoroughly, including the key raw materials and treatment processes
  • Grasp coating systems that can be applied to metal, along with their respective properties
  • Identify various formats of metal packaging, such as Aeresols, two and three-piece cans, beverage cans, flexible packaging, tubes, trays, distribution, and more
  • Comprehend and apply the fundamentals of metal packaging and the value it brings to the food, beverage, health & beauty, household, and industrial sectors


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