Carbon Neutral - Definition and Crediting

Tue Feb 21 2023
This two-part lesson will add context to the term carbon neutrality and also explore ways to implement strategies that can help make your packaging carbon neutral. Here in part one, we define “carbon neutral” and look at real-world examples of carbon offset in the industry.
Learning Objectives
  • Define carbon neutrality
  • Examine carbon credits and offsets
  • Summarize carbon trading
  • Discuss examples of carbon offset in the industry
Carbon Neutrality Resources

Many public companies have set aggressive sustainability targets; most of which involve packaging. Now, more than ever, product companies are investing in reducing the environmental impacts of their packaging and communicating these efforts on their labels.

A major component to understanding your environmental impact is the amount of production and discharge of carbon. So, many companies are asking the question “How do we make carbon neutral packaging?”

This is a dense topic, so we will be back next month with part two, implementation and measurement, of our study of carbon neutrality.

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