Past CMPM Students Share Their Thoughts
Wed Feb 21 2024

Everyone has a voice inside urging them to do more. The question is, what should we do with it?

The Certificate of Mastery in Packaging Management, issued by the Clemson University Center for Corporate Learning, is a 12-week online program designed for driven strategic leaders looking to gain an executive education in packaging. This program strives to increase a professional’s confidence in their technical and business acumen—to provide the knowledge one needs to excel as a leader in one of the world’s largest industries.

Ready to meet a few of our fellow leaders?

Meet Corey, the Senior Director of Strategic Sourcing at Novolex. We asked Corey what he liked best about the CMPM. He stated that he really enjoyed the flexibility that this program offered his busy schedule.

“I enjoyed the class and learned a lot. I liked being able to go at my own pace and with it being on the internet I could do it from anywhere, including a plane.”

Kaitlyn is a Graphic Designer at Georgia-Pacific. She shared with us what she enjoyed most about the program:

"I found the videos and readings very interesting. I like that they can be completed at any time, and that there are a variety of mediums used (PDF, Video, PPT, etc.). I really enjoyed the packaging materials section of the course. I am definitely one who likes to know how things work. Even though I am in the paperboard/corrugated industry, I found the portions about glass, plastic, and metal extremely interesting. It was cool to see how everyday items (like a soda can) are truly an engineering feat.”

And that's just a small sample of packaging professionals who saw an opportunity to use continuing education as a way to make more of their career. We have many more testimonials of people who heard that inner voice and made a decision to do more.

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