CMPM Features: Exploring our Packaging Development Plan (PDP)

The Packaging Development Plan (PDP) is a 27-page template that guides CMPM students through a project that spans the length of the program and is focused on developing a packaging innovation—from ideation to implementation. The PDP consists of 10 distinct stages that mirror the packaging development and management process.

Starting as a 27-page document, the PDP blossoms into something much larger for our students, with some PDPs reaching 200+ pages—resulting in a valuable resource [that can benefit both student and their organization].

The 10 phases of the Packaging Development Plan include:

  • Project Kickstart 

  • Project Management Essentials 

  • Regulations and Sustainability 

  • Materials I 

  • Materials II 

  • Package Labeling and Finishing 

  • Packaging Development Workflow 

  • Capital Equipment and Scale Plan 

  • Supply/Distribution Plan 

  • Human Factors

Let’s explore a PDP project from one of our past students (a packaging designer)—a concentrated laundry detergent innovation to reduce packaging materials.

The student conducted the project in an effort to produce a line extension of the current laundry detergent portfolio in a pouch format. The project has an evolutionary direction, in order to continuously develop the main product line, while focusing on improving and reengineering the 3L pouch.

The student’s strategy was to focus on shoppers who are looking for more efficient and sustainable ways of consuming, but they also wanted to figure out a way to prevent excess waste.

They came up with a product that is a concentrated formula of liquid detergent, which allows for the replacement of the 3L pouch with a 500ml pouch, as the original detergent is diluted to meet the quantity of washes in the 3L pouch.

Compared to the 3L pouch, there is less packaging material and less transportation necessary to deliver the same amount of washes, ultimately leading to a reduction in CO2 emissions. An innovation that could work to both differentiate the brand and also make progress on sustainability commitments.

The student’s testimonial:

The CMPM journey was an opportunity to rediscover the packaging world. It provided me with a full picture from the planning to the implementation of a new product, going through materials, processes, sustainability, consumer behavior, and more. So, now it’s time to create new packaging solutions!

Learn how the CMPM and our PDP can help you and your organization accomplish great things for the packaging industry at

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