The mission at IPS Packaging is to be a complete end-to-end source for industrial packaging supplies, equipment, and service; as well as provide innovative solutions and customized programs to meet the needs of companies and their customers. With dedicated Account Managers for each customer, IPS Pacakging helps to: manage inventory, automate production lines, consolidate vendors and deliveries, eliminate damage to products, free up valuable warehouse space, and streamline packaging purchases.

IPS Packaging has experienced significant growth over the last seven years that has required them to continually reinvest into the company. In particular, the corrugated product category has had explosive growth as many customers have chosen to rely on a distributor to manage this category rather than buying directly from a manufacturer. IPS Packaging’s experienced internal personnel needed to focus on other projects to implement their new business and their suppliers primarily promoted product lines that only they are strong on. There was rarely a single person directly responsible for the overall quality of training and the company needed a product neutral, unbiased approach to training. So, IPS Packaging turned to The Packaging School.

As a result, IPS Packaging sent over 100 employees through The Packaging School’s online Corrugated Containers training. Employee positions ranged from Outside Sales Reps, Inside Sales Reps, Sales Managers, Buyers, Sourcing Agents, Packaging Engineers, to Customer Service Reps.

Ryan Moody, Regional Director of Sales, shared that “The online training used a very balanced, technical and visually stimulating approach that kept our employees engaged. Additionally, the training did not promote a specific company, material or method over all others. Instead, the training provided the strengths and weaknesses of each, which encouraged our employees to customize solutions for their customers. Overall, the training was effective, reasonably fast when deadlines were required, and cost effective.”