These folks had been working in the packaging industry and were searching for a way to efficiently improve their knowledge and capabilities without high costs or time away from their work and family; keeping up with their full time jobs while taking on the challenge of continuing education is difficult for anyone. Initially attracted to The Packaging School platform because it was online and organized around “bite-sized” or micro-learning;  they found real value in the content of the courses – sometimes by simply gaining an understanding for why their company had certain procedures, but more often by learning about new opportunities for improving the company, processes, and products they were responsible for.   


Climbing the Ladder

Chris earned a chemical engineering degree from a great college in the 1990’s and his time working at a large company allowed him to participate in all types of projects. In talking with his mentor, Chris learned about an opportunity with an offsite product innovation team – but Chris needed to round out his knowledge of packaging processes associated with their retail businesses in order to be competitive for the team interviews.  

Growing A Business

Kate had been a part of the founding management team for several years, the business had grown, become sustainable and was ready to expand product offerings. While Kate had become skilled in most aspects of their operation, the team lacked packaging expertise, it felt like a weak spot when planning out distribution and retail strategies 


Matt was speaking with his manager about cross-functional teams taking on projects at their company; many of them were successful, but at his company and most of them have found success.  One common factor among