Certificate of Mastery
in Packaging Management

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The Industry's Most Comprehensive
Program Provides the Industry's Most Valuable Certification

Weekly Agenda

The Certificate of Mastery in Packaging Management is an online executive education program that can level up your career. The Certificate provides PROACTIVE LEARNING in the space of packaging development, material procurement, and organizational management.

Week 1: Global Competitive Landscape

Major companies, products and markets, including market share concentration, key success factors, current volumes and forecasts.

Week 2: Project Management Essentials

Core management skills such as project management, problem-solving, administrative and being financially savvy.

Week 3: Regulations & Corporate Sustainability

Introductions to the major regulatory agencies and applicable laws for packaging compliance in key industries.

Week 4: Material Management I

Fundamental material properties of Glass, Metal, and Polymers converted to packaging solutions.

Week 5: Material Management II

Fundamental material properties of fiberboard substrates converted to Paperboard and Corrugated packaging solutions.

Week 6: Break

Catch your breath! You’ve been working hard.

Week 7: Package Labeling & Finishing

Core printing processes and finishing techniques employed to apply brand assets and required labeling to packaging.

Week 8: Packaging Development Workflow

Stakeholders and best practices of packaging development across functions: R&D, marketing, sales, procurement, legal, distribution, quality control, manufacturing, warehousing, point-of-sale, and end-user.

Week 9: Capital Equipment & Manufacturing

Packaging line optimization and basic production equipment types. Strategies to increase production efficiency.

Week 10: Logistics & Supply Chain Management

Setting up a logistics plan, defining your distribution system, and developing test protocols to ensure successful and on-time delivery of your products.

Week 11: Leveraging Human Factors In Packaging

Triggers to influence perception, cognition, appeal and decision-making in your customers.

Week 12: Review & Final Exam

Review and test your knowledge on all that you have gleaned from the courses.

Develop a Custom
Package Development Plan (PDP)

You’ll apply the course content to your own, custom Package Development Plan for your organization or product line. Every student project is unique, and have ranged from pharmaceutical packaging, new consumer products, rebrands and extensions, sustainability initiatives, to protective industrial packaging.

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Who Are
My Instructors?

Offered by the world-renowned Clemson University Center for Corporate Learning and facilitated by PhDs on PackagingSchool.com, the Certificate of Mastery showcases the latest technologies accelerating the packaging field.

Admission is by application only.

Are you a business owner? If you are looking to put one or more employees through this program, please contact us at 864-412-5000 or info@packagingschool.com.

Dr. Julie Suggs,
Academic Director

What is the Tuition for the
Certificate of Mastery in Packaging Management?


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What are our Graduates Saying?

Eric Ockerlund, Production Manager of OxBox

These courses are great for those new to the packaging industry that really want to get their foot in the door and jumpstart their career. The courses contain loads of information, yet they are not at all overwhelming. I really like how the courses provide the student with not only basic knowledge of the different parts of the packaging industry, but an in-depth look into the various operations and machines used. These courses also provide a great understanding of the vocabulary used in the industry. All in all, it’s a fantastic way to gain years worth of knowledge in just a few weeks.

Adam M. Business Development Manager, UPM Raflatac

When you are passionate about something, your education should never end. The Certificate of Mastery in Packaging Management from Clemson University's Center for Corporate Learning is one of the most comprehensive, challenging and viable programs I have ever seen. I am thankful for the opportunity, I am thankful to work for UPM Raflatac that provided this challenge and I am eager to transfer my knowledge to a great industry I have the privilege of working in.


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