Preform Heating

Learn how to reheat a preform before blowing it into a bottle and how to reduce variation between blown bottles
1 Hours
1 Lessons
Future Proof Your Skill
What You Will Learn
In this session, the type of heat that is used to reheat preforms is covered and how the infrared wavelength is adjusted and the reason this is important. The intent is to gain an understanding of how making adjustments to the oven settings can affect the quality of the bottle. The effect of different shields and lamp settings will also be covered and why and when these adjustments should be made. An overview of some of the hardware used in the blow molding ovens will be covered and the benefits that they may offer. Oven settings, turning lamps on and off, and changing the percent of power to the lamps will be discussed. Other items that will be covered are absorption characteristics of PET, heat zones, and the use of old lamps compared to newer lamps.
Student Success Stories
The CMPM program exceeded my expectations regarding packaging machine systems, sustainability, and point of purchase strategies, through a complete and holistic approach to the different aspects of packaging.
Rebeca Granados Andrade
Experience Centre Manager Smurfit Kappa México

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