In this course, we’ll cover the metal packaging industry and outline raw materials and processing. We will detail the different types of metal that are applicable to packaging and go through the process of making cans and closure systems. From an applied perspective, we will cover how consumers perceive metal packaging, where it makes sense in your decision-making strategy, along with real-world case studies of companies moving into or away from metal. As a takeaway, you will gain a stock container selection strategy for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, industrial and chemical metal packaging applications.


Metal Overview

  • Welcome to Metal Packaging
  • Evolution of Metal Packaging
  • Industry Overview
  • Metal Packaging Basics
  • Sustainability
  • Glossary
  • Knowledge Check: Metal Overview

Metal Manufacturing

  • Introduction to Metal Manufacturing
  • Raw Materials and Refinement
  • Metal Manufacturing
  • Thermal Processing and Treatments
  • Anatomy of a Can
  • Understanding BPA
  • Knowledge Check: Metal Manufacturing

Metal Packaging Types

  • Introduction to Metal Packaging Types
  • Aerosols
  • Three Piece Cans
  • Beverage Cans
  • Flexible Materials
  • Tubes and Trays
  • Distribution Packaging
  • Knowledge Check: Metal Packaging Types

Metal Container Design

  • Introduction to Metal Container Design
  • Metal Closures
  • Decorating and Labeling
  • Specification
  • Design Innovations
  • Knowledge Check: Metal Container Design

Industry Applications of Metal Packaging

  • Introduction to Industry Applications of Metal Packaging
  • Metal Package Design: Food
  • Metal Package Design: Beverage
  • Metal Package Design: Health and Beauty
  • Metal Package Design: Household and Industrial
  • Discussion

Wrap Up

  • That’s a Wrap
  • Final Assessment
  • Survey




  • An overview of the industry for metal packaging in terms of major players and market segments.

  • How metal is manufactured- including the key raw materials and treatment processes.

  • An understanding of the consumer perceptions surrounding metal as a packaging material.

  • To identify various formats of metal packaging including aerosols, three piece cans, beverage cans, flexible packages, tubes, trays, and distribution packaging.

  • The value that metal packaging brings to the food, beverage, health and beauty, and household/industrial sectors of the industry.





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