Corrugated board is a highly customizable substrate and the knowledge to use it well can be greatly advantageous for your company in terms of saving waste and money. There are many stock options you can choose from when ordering standard shipping containers, but a box suited specifically to your exact product may need a custom design, and with corrugated you have that option. We’ve made an informative course with easy to digest information that will get you up to speed on corrugated containers. In this course, you will learn both the art and science of corrugated. From learning how corrugated fiberboard is manufactured, to how corrugated containers are designed and produced on packaging machinery, you will get a 360° view of the corrugated industry.


Corrugated Beginnings

  • Introduction to Corrugated
  • What is Corrugated Board?
  • Evolution of Corrugated Packaging
  • Corrugated Industry Overview
  • Grades of Corrugated Board
  • Fluting
  • Knowlesge Check: Corrugated Beginnings

Corrugated Production

  • Production
  • Plant Types- Integrateds & Independents
  • Paper Making Overview
  • Corrugated Manufacturing
  • Container Converting
  • Coatings & Surface Treatment
  • Knowledge Check: Corrugated Production

Properties & Testing

  • Intro to Corrugated Properties & Testing
  • Physical Properties- ECT, BCT
  • Porosity Properties
  • Surface Properties
  • Other Properties to Consider
  • Sustainability
  • Knowledge Check: Properties and Testing

Performance Specifications

  • Introduction to Designing for Performance
  • RSC Minimization Model
  • Headspace
  • Introduction to Headspace Cases
  • Headspace- Case 1
  • Headspace- Case 2
  • Headspace- Case 3
  • Let’s discuss Headspace!

Container Design

  • Container Design and Production Workflow
  • Standard Container Styles
  • International Fiberboard Case Code Catalogue
  • Structural Design Software
  • Dieline Design
  • Printing & Finishing
  • Die Cutting
  • iDirectory
  • Knowledge Check: Container Design

Case Packaging and Unitization

  • Introduction to Packaging & Unitization
  • Packaging & Sealing
  • Unitized Systems
  • Storage and Handling
  • Palletization Software
  • Knowledge Check: Case Packaging and Unitization

Distribution Rules and Regulations

  • Rules & Regulations
  • Carrier Rules
  • Government/Association Regulations
  • Testing and Protocol
  • Knowledge Check: Distribution and Regulations

Wrap Up

  • Corrugated Wrap Up
  • Final Exam
  • Survey


  • Glossary
  • Equation Sheet




  • To define corrugated board and understand its far reaching grasp in the global packaging industry.

  • An understanding of the manufacturing process for corrugated board, container converting, and enhancement treatments.

  • How to leverage the properties of corrugated board for specific packaging needs.

  • An evaluation of compressive forces and headspace, and apply that knowledge to several case studies.

  • A recognition of standard corrugated container styles and designs to the diecutting process to obtain each style.

  • A strategic approach to effectively store and distribute corrugated containers.





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