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Expert-led curriculum designed to elevate your expertise in packaging management and design, automotive packaging, and food packaging.
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Comprehensive Packaging Certificate Programs Designed for Those Who Want to Advance Their Careers.

Developed by the industry leaders in packaging education, these programs cover the core components of packaging materials and processes in the space of packaging development, material procurement, and organizational management.
Certificate of Mastery In Packaging ManagementCertificate of Packaging Science
Hosted ByCMPMClemson University's Center for Corporate LearningCPSThe Packaging School
TimelineCMPM3 months synchronous with additional 12 months access and PhD instructor coaching and reviewCPSUp to 12 months asynchronous
CreditsCMPM80 hours (8 credits)CPS60 hours (6 credits)
Instructor AccessCMPMPhD led, feedback, coaching, oversight, and weekly office hoursCPSEmail access, completing one course a month is recommended
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Revolutionize Your Career in Automotive Packaging with the First 100% Online Academic Program Tailored for Industry Professionals.

Master the essential skills for success with our program, designed for packaging and logistics professionals, engineers, sales, and customer service teams in the automotive industry.
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Transform Your Packaging: Empower Your Team with Our Revolutionary Sustainable Design Program.

The Packaging School introduces a transformative program designed to empower industry professionals to master the complexities of sustainable design. This initiative prepares companies with internal champions knowledgeable about the dos and don'ts of sustainable packaging, creating a positive force for change within organizations.
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Lead the Way in Food Packaging Innovation: Sponsorship Opportunities to Showcase Your Brand and Expertise.

Elevate Your Brand, Enlighten the Industry. By sponsoring, you contribute to the education of hundreds of food packaging professionals, enhancing their understanding of the industry and the unique value your company offers. Position your company at the forefront and showcase your leaders as the go-to subject-matter experts.
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The Packaging School brings together the business, art, and science of packaging so you can lead projects, optimize supply chains, increase margins, and develop sustainable solutions.

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