Logistics Coordinator

Want to take your role as a Logistics Coordinator and kick it up a notch?

Detail-oriented. Insightful. ALWAYS planning ahead.

What does a day in the life of a Logistics Coordinator look like?

  • Coordinate and control the cycle of the company’s transportation of products

  • Conduct analysis to company data and plan appropriate improvements in the company’s performance

  • Identify logistical problems and plan appropriate solutions

How can The Packaging School elevate my career?

The Certificate of Mastery is the most extensive way for any Logistics Coordinator to learn how to utilize their skills in the packaging industry. Accepted applicants will learn the stages of packaging development, material procurement, and organizational management. Offered by the Clemson University Center for Corporate Learning and facilitated by The Packaging School. LEARN MORE

The Certificate of Packaging Science is a one-year online program that teaches the materials, processes, and influences shaping the advancement of the industry. As a Logistics Coordinator, you can expect to learn how your role is important by gaining an understanding of the many facets within distribution. LEARN MORE

The Automotive Packaging Certificate is the first 100% online academic program that enables you to develop the professional skill set needed to be successful in the automotive packaging field. Logistics Coordinators will benefit from understanding the automotive sector’s distribution methods and operations. LEARN MORE

If a packaging certificate isn’t the speed you’re searching for, our core courses that make up the Certificate of Packaging Science are available to take individually. There, you can learn about specific topics and packaging trends that influence your role as a Logistics Coordinator. VIEW COURSES

Our library of electives includes popular packaging topics that require their own individual courses. Topics range from cannabis packaging to project management essentials & more! VIEW COURSES

Our goal is to always offer accessible packaging education, so if you’d like to get your feet wet by beginning with a free packaging course, we’ve provided several options. Courses include teachings from subject matter experts in luxury packaging, packaging materials, and development. VIEW COURSES

For Logistics Coordinators within the beverage industry, we have partnered with the International Society of Beverage Technologists (ISBT) to put together an entire curriculum to give you the fundamentals you’ll need in your role. You will learn about beverage processing and distribution, and how food safety plays a major role throughout operations. VIEW COURSES


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