Have a Short Attention Span?

Have a Short Attention Span?

The average human attention span is 8 seconds. Sad, we know. That’s why here at the Packaging School, we are firm believers in MicroLearning. Smartphones have accustomed us to accessing the information we need at rapid speed and in short bursts. Long training sessions, multiple day workshops, and huge manuals are not a desirable way to learn information.

Instead, we use a technique called MicroLearning to break difficult topics down into lessons of bite-sized chunks that students can engage with on any device. These lessons take the form of infographics, quick readings, videos, animations, discussions, and interactive slides. This delivery method empowers our students to complete courses at their leisure, when they’re ready to learn, and still gain an essential education.




Short, focused sessions (less than 7 minutes) avoid mental burnout and suit the brain with respect to energy and alertness. Bite-sized content perfectly fits an information-rich lifestyle because it enables learners to access small chunks of information instantly, anytime, and from anywhere. And because MicroLearning is short and seemingly current, trainees can rest easy that the content is up to date, correct, and meaningful to their work.

The take-away? Bite size is the right size!

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