5 Reasons You Should Get Certified In Packaging After Graduation

“We’ve chosen to fill this role with someone who has more experience.”, “We’ve had a large number of applicants and have decided to move forward with another candidate.”

Sound familiar? Let’s face it, most of us have been there… the dreaded rejection email for the position you were banking on after college. Your job search senior year is an exciting but stressful time. You constantly hear all of your friends chatting about their future jobs while you aimlessly wait around for an email or phone call from someone who is interested in interviewing with you. Everything around you is changing, and being unemployed makes this time even more anxiety inducing. Perhaps your business or sociology degree just isn’t enough to grab the attention of HR Managers. What if there is a way for you to stand out from your peers in the job pool?

Ever heard of an online certificate program? Believe me, these look great on a resume! Certificate programs are made up of a series of short courses that typically take a year or less to complete. It’s a great way to boost your skill set and position yourself to be more valuable to employers who are looking for experienced candidates. Although it’s not a replacement to a four-year degree, studies have found that certificates are valuable both for post-secondary education or as a supplement to a postgraduate degree.

The packaging industry is growing like crazy and is looking for recent college grads like you to fill those positions. Most colleges do not offer a Packaging Science degree. Therefore, most professionals in the packaging industry don’t have any formal education which is why the certificate the Packaging School offers is a much-needed bridge to the skills gap in the industry. This is the perfect compliment to a degree sure to get your foot in the door with top companies. 

Consider the following 5 factors:

1.) According to the Washington Post, a post graduate certificate can boost annual income by 25% and packaging majors are among the highest paid- That’s certainly a significant amount, especially to those just starting out in the workforce. The average starting salary for packaging science majors is $61,500 annually. Not too shabby!

2.) Packaging Science is one of the fastest growing majors That’s right, Packaging Science is ranked the 5th fastest growing college major. Think about the demand for those jobs!

3.) Career field change– Maybe you are stuck in a major in college that you don’t really love. A certification with The Packaging School will put you down an interesting and thriving career path with diverse opportunities.

4.) It’s all about standing out- A certification shows employers that you are willing to go the extra mile and continue learning beyond your college degree!

5.) Flexibility and pricing- This certification allows you to work on your own time and learn at your own pace. Most college students are pros at finding the best bang for their buck. The Packaging School’s certification is much easier on the wallet than a master’s degree.

Save yourself the stress, get certified and stand out in the job market with the Packaging School! For more information, email info@packagingschool.com 

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