Three Types of Back to School

Thu Aug 15 2019 /
Kevin Keigley

Three Types of Back to School

Goodbye, summer . . . hello, back to school! The days are getting shorter, the nights longer, and autumn will soon be here. We all want to try something new, learn something, and overall improve ourselves—no matter what season or stage of life we’re in. Speaking of going back to school, let’s look at three ways The Packaging School can help advance students of all ages.


Maybe you’re pondering your next steps, and you’ve got an interest in packaging. As you may know, The Packaging School is the exclusive licensee of a professional packaging curriculum developed at Clemson University. We offer a 100% online and affordable specialized certificate program in the packaging industry. An active partner with companies, subject matter experts, and associations, we’ve created a global platform where you can learn packaging skills on a variety of topics. By taking courses through The Packaging School, you can gain an advantage over other students looking to better their academic future. Whether you are jumping into a career in packaging right away, or your dream school doesn’t have a Packaging Science major, at The Packaging School you can learn all of the things your peers haven’t. Not to mention, it shows you’re a dedicated and hard (even advanced) worker.


You’re graduating soon—and so is everyone else. What can you do to differentiate yourself in the job marketplace? Opportunities abound in the packaging field, but your college or university doesn’t offer a packaging science major or minor. Currently, only 7 packaging science degree programs exist in the US. Don’t despair – you can use The Packaging School alongside your degree, let’s say in Marketing or Operations, to level up in an industry that has many touchpoints. Because we are the exclusive licensee of a professional packaging curriculum developed at Clemson University, we can give you the foundational knowledge you need to adapt those marketing skills to a packaging-focused environment. Our courses are self-paced and easily adaptable to your busy schedule. The teaching you receive as you go through any of our programs will give you the confidence to speak intelligently into the various aspects of the industry — and the industry is large. A cursory online search revealed 131,454 packaging jobs available in the US alone. That means 131,454 (and counting) opportunities to grow and build your career. What are you waiting for?


Have you been in the industry for longer than you care to admit? Are you wanting to be noticed? To get ahead? Solution—enroll in The Packaging School. Our affordable, fully online certificate programs are designed specifically to help working adults earn credentials for career change or advancement within their current packaging-related career. And the keyword here is online. We know you’re busy, and that’s why we’ve created The Packaging School courses to work on all devices, including your phone. You can complete courses during your lunch break, waiting in line at the grocery store, late nights or early mornings, whatever fits into your schedule. The Packaging School is accessible 24/7. We currently offer two certificates. The Certificate of Packaging Science is an on-demand 12-course program that guides you through the breadth and depth of packaging. The Certificate of Packaging Management is a three-month cohort-based program run through the Clemson Center for Corporate Learning.

Janis McIntosh, a recent graduate of The Certificate of Packaging Science program, won the Joe Nucci Award for Product Innovation at the 2017 New York Produce Show and Conference. She writes, “I can honestly say that I applied elements of what I have learned from The Certificate of Packaging Science to this project, particularly in the area of building a timeline and involving all stakeholders in the process. We began shipping 3 weeks ago and the orders are increasing. Thanks again for all your help!”

It’s never been more convenient to level up. And it might even advance your career in ways you didn’t think were possible. Janis was able to go above and beyond with the help of The Packaging School. And so can you—no matter what step of the journey you’re on. We’re here for you. Give us a try. Let’s get back to school.

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