Like a Sore Thumb

Tue Jun 04 2019 /
Kevin Keigley

Like a Sore Thumb

Packaging School - Von Restorff Effect

Did you see our logo in the image above?
How long did it take you to find it?
Were your eyes distracted by the white chairs?
I took advantage of something called the Von Restorff Effect.
Also called the Isolation Effect, the Von Restorff Effect predicts that when there are several things present that are identical, the thing that is different will stand out and be remembered.
Marketers and packaging designers all across the globe can thank Hedwig von Restorff for bringing this principle to light.
Our very own Dr. Julie Rice expounds on this phenomenon, how she experienced it in the marketplace, and why you should implement this strategy for yourselves.

Need more help making your packages stand out? Head to our packaging certificates to learn what it takes to create a design that will be remembered.

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