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Dr. Andrew Hurley is an Associate Professor of Packaging Science at Clemson University. Andrew coordinates the packaging design curriculum, manages an internationally recognized consumer behavior research lab, and has delivered over 100 presentations on package design globally.

Andrew’s research lab answers complex questions on product marketing and packaging. His experienced group has tested thousands of packages for hundreds of brands. Hurley’s efforts have resulted in multiple awards, patents, and increased sales by 40% for small and large businesses. The success of his lab catalyzed the formation of Package InSight, a full service package design and testing company in Greenville, SC.

Andrew is also the lead instructor for Clemson University’s Center for Corporate Learning’s Certificate of Mastery in Packaging Management, a state-of-the-art online curriculum that teaches the necessary business acumen and professional vocabulary to work successfully within the packaging industry.




Research programs that help brands develop attention grabbing packaging and lift sales on the shelf.


Enable students to work on real-life projects by developing your packaging in my laboratory.


Teaching programs that offer a variety of Certificates, BS, MS, and PhD degrees.


In addition to The Packaging School and being a Clemson University Professor,
Dr. Hurley is involved in many, MANY projects.
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Pack Expo 2019: The Science and Allure of Paper-Based Packaging

Why are humans drawn to paper packaging? Haptics, permanence, sustainability—to name a few. In this video, the Paper and Packaging Board talks with Clemson University’s faculty and students of packaging science to understand why paper packaging continues to enchant.
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