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This course covers the history and industry overview, corrugated board and its uses, and manufacturing and converting board. Currently set up as a three part series, Corrugated Basics 101, 102, and 103. We started with looking at the corrugated industry as it stands today. We discuss the construction, configurations and types of bcoard. We cover how it’s made, specifications of linerboard, medium, and finished combined corrugated board as well as tests that assure quality. Finally, we cover the most common forms of corrugated packaging, box terminology, and box blanks before they have been formed.


The paper segment of the global containers and packaging market is the most lucrative, boasting a 40% market share of revenue. As a packaging designer, marketer, converter, or supply chain manager it is beneficial to understand the ins and outs of paperboard in order to produce the best carton possible. This eLearning course will focus on helping you understand the foundations of paperboard packaging from sourcing raw materials to the finished good. This understanding will serve as an important context for your future advancement, on your own and in your company.


Lean manufacturing techniques are explained in this course for the purpose of eliminating waste in the change-over time between jobs. The waste reduction tool TIMWOOD is used by all the participants to identify seven types of waste. Learners watch a video of a ten minute set-up as the operators are tracked using a spaghetti diagram, then process of prioritizing and leveling the work is described. The duties, as well as the time it takes to accomplish them are analyzed and the necessary training is completed. Most often this results in a setup time reduced by half.

Cómo especificar una caja

En este curso, aprenderá cómo determinar el tipo de caja que medirá, identificar el material de construcción de la misma, preparar la caja para efectuar una medición precisa y, finalmente, determinar el largo y el ancho interior de la caja.


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