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The professional women of The Packaging School have shared their stories with Packaging World. Now we’re inviting other women of the packaging industry to share their stories with us.

Emma, G’day Foods

Consumer foods became an obsession for me in college after a summer spent as a participant in the Cornell Summer Scholars program. During that summer, I visited PepsiCo, Unilever, and many other top food manufacturers responsible for stocking our supermarket shelves. I was mesmerized by the size of the manufacturing facilities, and just how many of the food packages the companies I visited put out into the retail space. After that summer, my career path was solidified. Fast forward nine years, and I have started a consultancy, G’day Foods, focused on arming entrepreneurs in the food and beverage space with the technical knowledge to build their food and beverage brands.

One technical component of building a food and beverage brand that I find fascinating is the process of defining and developing a package for a product. Packaging, and taste, are everything in the food business, and the perfect marriage of the two make for some amazing success stories. Despite what some people think, packaging goes way beyond brilliant marketing. Packaging is chosen based on shelf life, processing, and on consumer expectations of where they should find a product in the grocery store. I walk the grocery store aisles and analyze products, connecting the package to the necessary type of processing. Some questions I may ask myself: Is that juice aseptically processed or high pressure processed? Could that new creamer sit on the shelf versus in the dairy case? Would this brand benefit from a line extension of a single serve bag versus their current multi-pack bag? The process of package design and evolution is really the evolution of a product itself, and it’s this marriage of package and product that has guided my career and, now, my company.

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