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CPS-C01: Foundations
An essential introduction to the art, science and business of packaging.

CPS-C09: Sustainable Packaging

An in-depth look at sustainability as it relates to packaging, and ways to reduce a company’s environmental footprint.

CPS-C11: Packaging Regulations

An online course designed to be a first step in educating yourself on agencies and regulations that impact the product categories you design with.

CPS-C10: Packaging Distribution

An essential course that provides a thorough teaching of the distribution process and how to ensure packages remain intact through the duration of each stage.

Automotive Packaging Certificate
The first and only 100% online academic program that will enable you to develop the professional skill set you need to be successful in the automotive packaging field.

BMW Distribution Testing
A free online mini-course that provides a glimpse into the distribution requirements for the renowned automobile manufacturer, BMW.

CPS-C07: Packaging Machinery

An online course that provides a thorough look at the machinery used to produce high volumes of quality packages.

CPS-C08: Package Printing

This course provides an overview of different printing methods and ties in the graphic development workflow.​

ELEC-E09: Liquid Filling Machinery

This online course on liquid filling covers the basics to the latest in technology, volumetric filling, level filling, carbonated beverage filling, and more.

ELEC-E06: Pressure Sensitive Labels

An informational online course that takes an in-depth look at pressure sensitive labels.

ELEC-E01: Sonoco Temperature Assurance Packaging Fundamentals

Developed by Sonoco ThermoSafe’s ISC-Labs in partnership with The Packaging School, Dr. R. Andrew Hurley, Assistant Professor of Packaging Science at Clemson University, and an advisory panel of pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesalers, logistics providers, and industry experts.

CPS-C02: Paperboard Cartons

Explore the capabilities of paperboard cartons in this course, and comprehend why it’s widely used across the packaging industry.

CPS-C03: Corrugated Containers

An informative course with easy to digest information that will teach students the art and science of corrugated containers.

CPS-C05: Metal Packaging

An in-depth course that covers the metal packaging industry and outlines raw materials and processing.

CPS-C04: Glass Packaging

A necessary course to fully comprehend the attributes of glass packaging and its role in the industry.

CPS-C06: Polymers in Packaging

An online course that uncovers the role polymers play in the packaging industry.

Plastic Folding Cartons

A free online course that provides the “why” and “when” of using plastic folding cartons for your packaging needs.

ELEC-E07: Bioplastics for Packaging

An online course that provides an introduction to the area of bioplastics and offers guidance on the usage of these materials for packaging applications.

PTI Online Academy Collection

We partner with Plastic Technologies, Inc. to help packaging and plastics professionals enhance their polyethylene terephthalate (PET) knowledge.

ISBT-I01: Fundamentals of Beverage Technology

The ISBT Beverage Institute® sessions, given by experienced beverage professionals, provide overviews, as well as in-depth discussions on key topics in the art and science of beverage production.

ISBT-I02: Sanitation for Fountain Beverages

ISBT offers the very best in professional development and training solutions. The knowledge gained from this course will help establish best practices for fountain beverage equipment.

ISBT-I03: Beverage Ingredients

This program offers a deep dive into understanding the principles of chemistry, manufacturing, quality guidelines, and applications of the most common ingredients in beverages we consume. Courses are available for individual sale or bundled together.

ISBT-I04: Beverage Gases

An online course that provides an in-depth look at Argon, Nitrogen, and Oxygen—some of the main gases in the air surrounding us.

ISBT-I05: Introduction to Microbiology

An online course that furthers students’ knowledge of microbiology and its role in the food and beverage industry.

ISBT-I06: Water and Wastewater Treatment Technology

An online course that explores ways to provide safe drinking water sources.

ELEC-E03: Human Factors in Packaging Design

An insightful online course that dives into the minds of shoppers and consumers in order to best comprehend buying behavior.

Augmented Reality for Packaging

A free online course designed to shed light on innovating packaging designs utilizing augmented reality.

Luxe|Pack Exclusive Collection

One of our free course offerings on luxury packaging, which spans across multiple industries.

CPS-C12: Packaging Design Workflow

A course that provides the complete pathway of the design process from concept to manufacturing.

ELEC-E02: Solidworks for Packaging | Basic

An introductory course that provides an overview of the functions and capabilities of Solidworks, a tool used widely in many packaging professions, from sales executives to engineers.

ELEC-E05: Project Management Essentials

An essential course for any packaging professional to learn how to develop a thorough project management strategy.

ELEC-E08: Cannabis Packaging

An innovative online course that uncovers a sector of the packaging industry that’s on the rise – cannabis packaging.

Craft Beer Packaging: PRE-SALE

Review an inquisitive study held by our sister company, Package InSight, where participants were fitted with eye-tracking glasses as they shopped for beer to purchase.

Eggnog Packaging: PRE-SALE

This study, held by our sister company, Package InSight, involved participants browsing eggnog beverages while wearing eye-tracking glasses.

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