CPS-C01 Packaging Foundations

An essential introduction to the art, science, and business of packaging.


Packaging is a complex process that must be seen as part of a greater system, where each activity has an impact on the final package. Departments such as marketing, sales, procurement, legal, distribution, quality control, manufacturing and warehousing all have unique demands on the package design. After taking this course, you will have the thought process required of a successful stakeholder in the packaging development process.


After successful completion of CPS-C01 Packaging Foundations, students will be able to:

  • Define packaging by recalling its functions, levels and types.
  • Explain the role of packaging in the evolution of society by listing major packaging innovations throughout history.
  • Describe the global packaging market by value, volume, category segmentation and geography segmentation.
  • Identify the major stakeholders who influence the packaging development process.
  • Illustrate the career potential in packaging by recalling specific jobs.
  • Understand the key phases of the packaging development process.
  • List product considerations that impact packaging.
  • Recognize the standard manufacturing process for each fundamental packaging material.
  • Appraise the sustainability of various packaging materials and processes.
  • Identify the fundamental packaging materials and types.
  • Describe finished packaging structures by innovative design.
  • Establish the fundamental vocabulary required to communicate with stakeholders in the packaging development process.


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