CPS-C12 Packaging Design Workflow

A course that provides the complete pathway of the design process from concept to manufacturing.


In this course, we are going to review design terminology, highlight important design theories, such as typography, color, imagery and materials. We are going to discuss how to best approach a project with your team and leverage iterative development to build winning designs. The first step is making sure you have a solid foundation and workflow when starting a project. You will receive Dr. Andrew Hurley’s RFP guides and the design brief template and strategies he’s used to launch over 100 package designs to market.


After successful completion of CPS-C12 Packaging Design Workflow, students will be able to:

  • Gain a solid foundation and workflow to begin projects to ensure organization and develop a successful product 
  • Optimize your design efforts for efficiency
  • Learn design terminology, key design theories, and materials
  • Review various facets of the packaging development process
  • Construct a successful design survey and managing assets to develop prototypes
  • Define methodology and understand design criteria


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