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Wed Feb 21 2024

Have you ever walked down a grocery store aisle and been captivated by an innovative packaging design—maybe you did a double take because something about the design grabbed your attention and drew you in for a closer look? 

You might be wondering . . . how do designers and packaging professionals transform a design concept into a physical product that works to capture the interests of consumers? And how many steps does this process entail?

Our Pack Design Workshop is an online, hands-on program that walks you through the packaging design process—from brainstorming to digital prototyping, market research, and design considerations. Sounds complex, right? You might be surprised to hear that we recently had a high school student go through the workshop, creating their own cereal box and taking away valuable insights related to the packaging development process.

Students, like Claire, go through a 6-phase syllabus that include the following steps:

  • Welcome 

  • Market Research 

  • Brainstorm and Ideation 

  • Design Factors 

  • Digital Prototype 

  • Conclusion

Throughout the 6 six phases listed above, students will achieve the following objectives:

  • Research competitive packaging within a specific market 

  • Develop a process for ideation and experimentation 

  • Understand and apply design best practices through prototyping 

  • Digitally develop a final rendering of the prototype

The interactive online program, completed at one’s own pace, is one-of-a-kind as it takes learning a step further—allowing students to apply the learnings from the course to make a cereal box they design themselves (course instructions may be modified to design any type of box). Pack Design Workshop students create products that combine market research and consumer psychology, graphic design principles, and more. See Claire’s output below:

The program allows students with less graphic design and packaging experience, like Claire, to understand the complexities and challenges involved with bringing a new packaging system to market. 

Designers, especially packaging designers, have hundreds of ideas running through their minds daily, so this course can help turn those ideas into tangible end-products and weed out ineffective ideas that are not suitable for execution. For example, Claire told us she has countless designs and ideas that she developed in her spare time, and completing the workshop allowed her to both capitalize on solid concepts and gain an understanding of how to evaluate ideas moving forward.

An idea for a revolutionary packaging design and system is nothing without a concrete understanding of the steps needed to take such an idea to market, in an effective and un-costly manner. Students learn that packaging design is more than meets the eye—it requires extensive brainstorming, market research, comfortability with software and prototyping, and more.

Claire explains: 

“I am so thankful for this experience. I feel I was able to effectively get my ideas out and onto a professional final product. I learned so much, all the way from psychology in colors, to learning about BoxItNow software. Having the final product is so relieving, but I am still inspired to create more. I have many more designs I have created with my spare time, as this project has opened up so many ideas to me.”

Since Pack Design Workshop allows students to learn at their own pace and potentially bring real-world projects to the table, the possibilities are endless. Ultimately, it will enable you to become a packaging problem solver for your organization and leave you with intangible skills and an end-product.

Turn your ideas into reality with Pack Design Workshop! Learn more at

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