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Greenville, SC (January 15, 2019) — When it comes to machinery, it is important to understand the right technology for your product and package as the “one size fits all” rule does not apply. Many individuals tend to spend their careers working in one industry and have limited experience with different types of fillers. In reality, there are 15 major liquid filling technologies that should be considered.

The Packaging School, a global online education platform connecting knowledge seekers with knowledge providers, realized a need to create specialized training on machinery to bridge that gap. In search of a trusted source of expertise, the Packaging School turned to John Henry, an expert on liquid filling machinery. John’s 40+ years of professional machinery experience was assigned to the task.

The result? A first of its kind, online course that covers topics such as container handling, piston/non-piston volumetric fillers, level fillers, counter-pressure filling, and much more. This engaging course will equip students with the knowledge to make more intelligent decisions concerning liquid filling machinery and keep existing packaging lines running smoothly.

"I am excited about the Packaging School giving in-depth education about packaging machinery. One of the interesting things about teaching online is the variety of students and the interaction from a wide array of backgrounds that you don’t often get in an academic setting. —John Henry of

We could not be more thrilled to be showcasing The Liquid Filling Machinery course on This course offers students first-hand experience of the challenges that one may encounter when working on these machines.” —Academic Director of the Packaging School, Julie Rice

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About John Henry

John Henry began his career in packaging at Alcon Laboratories in 1976. In 1996 he founded to reduce changeover time in manufacturing and other industries. In 2007, he sold the machinery business and since then has focused on SMED, Operational Excellence, Overall Equipment Effectiveness / Efficiency (OEE) and other lean manufacturing activities. John was also an Adjunct Instructor in the graduate industrial engineering program at the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico. He developed and taught their Packaging Technology course. Additionally, John has published over 100 papers, articles, and columns in industry journals and magazines. Many of these are collected in his book: Machinery Matters: John Henry on Packaging, Machinery, Troubleshooting.

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