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The Packaging School is an exclusive licensee of a professional packaging curriculum developed at Clemson University.

Founded in 2015, we’ve grown The Packaging School to educate thousands of students online in countries across the globe.

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Packaging is Everywhere

Can you think of an industry that DOESN’T touch packaging? Not likely.

Packaging is EVERYWHERE and there is someone (likely many) on your team that would provide major ROI by mastering the art of packaging.


We have 60+ courses full of tips, tricks, cheatsheets, downloads, and tools. They are customized for each and every one of our students in less than 7-minute chunks.
We call this process MICROLEARNING––short, digestable lessons.

Map By Industry

We have so many course offerings, some people may not know where to begin. So, we created a fictitious map that groups our courses by packaging industry. The map key is on the following page to show what courses align with certain fields.

Available Packages

All packages include courses from our Certificate of Packaging Science.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m interested in learning more, what is the next step?

Fantastic! Please contact Shannon Few, our VP & GM. She will be happy to set up a time to discuss the education goals you have for your team, and work with you to set up a customized program to provide your team with a strong foundation in packaging knowledge. You can reach Shannon at 508-725-9068 or at Shannon@PackagingSchool.com.

Can you explain how these packages work?

Absolutely! It’s pretty simple the more team members you have to train, the larger the volume discount we can provide to you!

We bring together the business, art, and science of packaging so you can lead projects, optimize supply chains, increase margins, and develop sustainable solutions. As the exclusive licensee of a professional packaging curriculum developed at Clemson University, we can get you where you want to go.

Can you tell me more about the Certificate of Packaging Science?

Definitely! Our goal is to level-up entire organizations on the value of packaging. We have more than 60 hours of high-quality programming in our Certificate of Packaging Science.

This program teaches the science of packaging in a fun and engaging way - paper making, package design, printing, adhesives, polymers, labels, distribution, and much more. It is a perfect program for your team members to raise their packaging IQ!

I’m interested in developing a custom program that includes some of the courses you offer outside of the Certificate of Packaging Science program. Is it possible to customize a program that’s even more relevant for my team?

Absolutely! We are happy to work with you to develop a custom curriculum that may include a unique list of courses, training your team as part of a structured cohort with clearly defined timelines, and even quarterly custom lessons that are specific to your business.

Who on my team should get their Certificate of Packaging Science?

Great question! We could come up with reasons that just about everyone on your team will benefit from taking these courses and then provide your organization with a return on your investment. Our student profiles are quite diverse and growing by the day.

We educate salespeople, procurement teams, brand managers, graphic designers, lots of different profiles from CPGs, Packaging Suppliers, Retailers and more from all over the world, that range from less than one year of experience to over 40+ years in the business!

Shannon Few

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