Influential Trends in Packaging

Packaging is intimately connected with the development of society. Looking back in time, the existence of packaging is a direct reflection of a society’s needs, culture, technologies, and available materials. As new trends emerge in our modern world, they inevitably affect the way we package, transfer property, and use goods. 

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Neuromarketing in Packaging

According to the Neuromarketing Science and Business Association, “neuromarketing studies which emotions are relevant in human decision making and uses this knowledge to improve marketing’s effectiveness.” Neuromarketing applied to packaging can radically improve the consumer experience from aesthetic to function. Learning these four fundamental human factors will help you increase your product’s chances of being seen, retaining attention, communicating value clearly and quickly, and ultimately, converting that attention to a sale.

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Aseptic vs. Retort Beverage Processing

You always want your product to taste like the original concept developed by R&D, right? Without that consistency, you wouldn’t have repeat customers. That’s where beverage processing comes into play. The goal of beverage processing is to preserve the quality and safety of the beverage for the consumer by destroying target microorganisms. That said, there are different ways to fill a beverage product into its respective packaging. Aseptic and retort are two of the main processes.

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Investing in the Future

Human capital is your company’s most valuable resource. It is critical to train your employees because it manages performance expectations, increases productivity and retains employees. As Richard Branson said, “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”

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What Decides the Use of Packaging Materials for Beverages?

Have you ever wondered why a beverage is distributed in glass, metal, or plastic? Many properties must be considered when choosing the right packaging material for your beverage. Attributes such as a package’s weight, recyclability, refillability, transparency, shelf-life, frangibility, shape retention, and resistance to temperature all play a significant role in your selection process.

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