Launching a Packaging Design Course to Benefit Berlin Students

The Packaging School recently published a Packaging Design with SolidWorks course. The development of this course came out of a need from the Beuth University of Applied Sciences (Beuth Hochschule für Technik). As a complement to traditional higher education, enables Universities to bridge theory with packaging-specific applications. Beuth University had a need for packaging expertise and The Packaging School was able to supply that, from thousands of miles away.

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Fail Fast Podcast

Dr. Andrew Hurley shares his experience while discussing the “fail fast” mindset crucial for new product development, packaging redesigns, and startup success.

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Revolutionizing Packaging Education

Dr. Andrew Hurley is a packaging industry veteran, spending his early career designing packaging for Fortune 500 companies before taking up the educator’s mantle as an assistant professor of packaging science at Clemson University. Nurturing those young minds through their first steps into the industry highlighted a problem that had been gnawing at Professor Hurley for some time: In an ever-evolving field, why wasn’t there a comprehensive platform to enlighten newcomers to the industry while allowing  for seasoned professionals to expand their education?

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