Top 3 Halloween Packaging Picks

Time for Halloween

Jack-o-lanterns have popped up in your neighborhood and rope spiderwebs descend from the trees. In other words, it’s time for Halloween. And when it’s time for Halloween, it’s time for Halloween packaging. In this post, you can check out our video where we discuss our favorite Halloween packaging picks!

Scary (Good) Halloween Packaging

Packaging designers take advantage of the different seasons, national holidays, events, and celebrations like Halloween. There are no age limits on the target demographic—young and old alike take part. This allows design teams to get creative and roll out some scary good packaging. You never know how or where these designs will turn up. Candy wrappers, cereal boxes, fast food packaging—it’s everywhere!

Our Top 3 Halloween Packaging Picks

It’s hard to choose our favorites. Why? First of all, there are countless examples of amazing Halloween packaging! Secondly, package design is EVERYWHERE and crosses into many packaging genres. Therefore, because making an exhaustive list would take up WAY too much of your time, we narrowed it down to 3. You can see our choices in the video below.


Do you have a favorite Halloween package?
You might even have FAVORITES.
That’s okay—we want to know!
Tell us all about your favorite(s) in the comment section at the bottom of the page.
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We can teach you packaging.
Good luck and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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