COVID-19 Opens Doors to Online Learning

We’ve all heard how schools and universities across the nation are making the switch to virtual classrooms—some for the rest of the school year. And, as we mentioned in our last blog, working from home has become the new norm. This means students, parents, and working professionals are adjusting to and using technology they may have never used before. Making such a big change in a short period of time can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Because our mantra is to always stay positive, we found a few reasons to look on the bright side!

Donna J. Abernathy said it best: “online learning is not the next big thing . . . it is the now big thing.” Online courses may not come with a traditional classroom setting, and you might take notes on an iPad or tablet instead of using a pencil and paper, but that doesn’t take away from the education you’re getting. Thanks to eLearning, you’re still able to absorb tons of material (from the comfort of your couch!) and apply it to very real industry scenarios. Read this carefully and let it sink in: learning through a screen does not invalidate the material—instead, it trains you to sharpen your real-world application skills! A graduate from the Certificate of Packaging Science program was able to utilize everything he learned through our online platform during his role working at a factory his family owns and operates. To hear about his memorable journey and his takeaways from our web-based courses, you can listen here!

Speaking of journeys, let’s talk about another highlight of online education: the convenient, thirty-second commute. Say goodbye to traffic and hunting down a parking spot, and just embrace all of the bonuses that come with virtual classrooms. Forgot the notes you need for the next class? No big deal! A quick walk to the spare bedroom solves that problem. And the conveniences of online education don’t end with the reduced traveling—online courses make note-taking much easier as well. Have you ever missed the third key point of the instructor’s five-point list? You spend the next several minutes trying in vain to remember, consequently missing out on even more information. But learning online allows you to simply pause or rewind a video lecture to make sure you absorb everything.

The opportunity we’ve had to jump into the world of online learning and conducting business remotely will benefit us long after we’ve adjusted to being back in schools or the workplace. So, take the extra time in front of your computer to embrace online learning. This once theoretical now field-tested technology will likely continue to be a part of our routines once the world reopens. 

Not sure where to start your online education? Head to our library of courses, or check out our packaging certificates, and we can help find the perfect fit for you!

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