Dallas, TX (March 2019) Today ISBT and its Beverage Ingredients and R&D Technical Committee announce the launch of a significant new course to provide detailed information on the key ingredients used in beverage manufacturing. This new offering provides beverage developers with information they need on how ingredients interact; it provides quality managers information they need to ensure quality beverages; and provides bottlers key information they need about the ingredients used in a bottling plant, such as sweeteners, water and CO2.  This landmark educational effort is simply titled “Beverage Ingredients”, but the content goes well beyond ‘simple’! 

As a global association, the International Society of Beverage Technologists (ISBT) recognized that there was a lack of consistent and scientific information available about common ingredients used in many beverages. All ingredients used in major beverages are regulated by governments, tested by brand owners and suppliers, and are safe for consumption. But if you want to understand the chemistry and challenges of these ingredients, this is the course for you. 

For each ingredient in this course, you will find information on its history, chemistry, applications, quality issues, regulatory status, and much more.  

This course is applicable to many parts of the beverage industry. Product developers will learn the chemistry behind the ingredients and how they interact to produce a final beverage. Ingredient suppliers and their sales personnel will learn the importance and role their ingredient provides in the beverage and what their customers’ needs and concerns are. Brand-owner quality personnel will learn how the ingredients impact the quality of the final beverage and what they need to control. Those working in a beverage plant will learn how to handle and test for quality for the ingredients they purchase directly.  

As a secondary benefit, those taking this course will be better equipped to respond to consumer concerns about ingredients. “Consumers today are concerned about what beverages they put in their bodies, were it comes from and how they are processed. We see misinformation via a variety of digital media channels lacking technical knowledge. Today’s consumer wants to know more about the science of ingredients and how and why they are used,” says Sally Potter, Director of ISBT’s Beverage Institute. This course will aid beverage industry technical personnel in responding to these issues.

“If you’re new to the industry or a supplier to a beverage company and you are looking for a way to get new people up to speed quickly or your technical sales group knowledgeable about how their products are used, these are the courses you need to use. If you’re looking for a job change and want to improve your resume you can’t miss this opportunity,” says Larry Hobbs, Executive Director of ISBT about this course.

The Packaging School™ platform allows individuals access to web-based Beverage Institute courses anywhere and anytime, meeting the needs of today’s fast-paced industry and supply-side around-the-clock operations.

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