There’s More to Packaging Tape Than You Think

Adhesive training added to global online packaging education catalog


Greenville, SC (March 20, 2018) — When it comes to adhesives, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. There are complex variables to consider when selecting the proper tape for different manufacturing situations. A lot of the information regarding packaging tapes and adhesives was traditionally passed from person to person and little formalized education existed.

The Packaging School, a global online education platform connecting knowledge seekers with knowledge providers, realized a need to create specialized training on packaging adhesives. In search of a trusted source of expertise, The Packaging School turned to 3M, a leading provider of pressure sensitive box sealing tapes, for help developing the curriculum. 3M contributed a team of experienced professionals to devote their combined centuries of experience to the task.

The result? An engaging video lesson following the storyline of a brand owner in search of the proper tape for their application. Along the way, the viewer learns that developing adhesives requires an analysis of factors such as the weight of the product, the method of shipment, the construction of the box, the application temperature, the storage conditions of the package, and the packing environment.

“Innovation starts with communication. And to communicate effectively, we must all have the same foundation of knowledge from which to discuss packaging challenges and discover the proper solutions,” said 3M Senior Technical Manager, Mona Janochoski.

The Packaging School filmed the lesson at the 3M Greenville Tape Plant where box sealing tapes and polypropylene films are manufactured. The lesson is showcased in the Packaging School’s online flagship offering, the Certificate of Packaging Science and taught specifically in the course on Corrugated Containers.

“The Packaging School is excited to educate brand owners, packaging manufacturers and distributors at large that there is more to tape than what meets the eye. We are grateful for 3M’s support of packaging industry education,” said Managing Director, Sara Shumpert.




If you’re interested in learning more, request information about the complete training by emailing or calling 864-412-5000.

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