The Certificate of Mastery in Packaging Management

Four Reasons to Continue Your Education with this New Program

The Packaging School and Clemson University’s Center for Corporate Learning have teamed up to create a first of its kind program, the Certificate of Mastery in Packaging Management (CMPM). The CMPM offers business professionals the opportunity to sharpen leadership skills, learn advanced marketing techniques, develop methods for successful project execution, build solid ROI decision making processes, and devise a profitable business strategy… all within the realm of the packaging industry! Here are four reasons we believe you should consider applying:

  1. The Evolving Packaging Industry – It’s important to keep your skills sharp! There are always new technologies being implemented in every aspect of the packaging industry, further creating a demand for lifelong learning. Continuing your packaging education will help you keep up to date with emerging industry innovations and trends.

  2. Advance Your Career – A four year degree may not support you through your career journey. It’s easy to get rusty and forget information that was taught to you years ago. Or, perhaps, your degree is in a completely unrelated field, yet somehow you found your way into packaging. Formalizing your technical and business acumen will open new doors in your career and boost your confidence in the workplace.

  3. Convenience – The Certificate of Mastery in Packaging Management is 100% online. This allows you to learn on your own time, in the comfort of your home or office, at any time of the day… even on your tablet or mobile phone!

  4. Networking – Creating valuable connections goes a long way. Continuing your education introduces you to packaging professionals and like minded learners. You never know who you may connect with and how they may be able to help you on your next project.

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