6 Packaging Careers After College

Still in the job search post-graduation? If you aren’t considering the packaging industry because you think it’s boring… think again! Wherever your skills and interests may lie, this industry has a place for you. From sales, to design, engineering, or the legal side of packaging, there are so many opportunities to find your niche in this growing industry. Packaging is booming now more than ever, and employers want to hire recent college graduates. We put together a list of six of the top packaging careers with plenty of job openings: 

1. Packaging Engineer– Are you left brained? A Packaging Engineer position is great for individuals who enjoy math and science, but also enjoy designing. In this position, engineers are responsible for designing the structure of packages and their prototypes. Packaging engineers are the foundation of any package design, making this a very hands-on and rewarding job.


2. Package Design/Graphics– The success of a product depends greatly on its appearance to consumers, and as a Packaging Designer you could be the mastermind behind it all. If you’re artsy and creative… look no further! This position is great for students who hold a graphic communications or graphic design undergraduate degree.


3. Consumer Behavior Analyst– If you love the psychology side of things, this is a great job to have. A Consumer Behavior Analyst studies, researches, and analyzes the behind-the-scenes information of consumer trends. An employee in this position might study why a consumer is inclined to purchase the same product more in one package design over another, or which hot new trend will take the world by storm next. 


4. Packaging Operator– A Packaging Operator role is great for someone who likes to get their hands dirty and fix things! This position is more on the technical side of the industry. Job responsibilities include testing machinery, fixing equipment, and maintaining overall performance of machinery onsite.


5. Packaging Compliance Specialist– Do you appreciate rules and the legal side of things? As a Packaging Compliance Specialist you would manage and ensure that a product’s packaging is meeting the required laws and regulations for the company and proper authorities. A person in this position should be organized as they deal with maintaining policies and paperwork.


6. Packaging Sales– Are you fast to make friends and great at cultivating relationships? The packaging industry has a booming sales side that you might want to consider. In this type of sales position one would be in charge of selling items such as packaging products or machinery. This is a great job for individuals who are outgoing, enjoy networking, and fostering new relationships.


If any of these positions interest you, an awesome way to get started in the packaging industry is to get a certification. The Packaging School offers an online 12 course certificate program that teaches the ins and outs of packaging. This looks great on your resume to employers when entering the job market. To learn more, visit www.packagingschool.com or email info@packagingschool.com!

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