Launching a Packaging Design Course to Benefit Berlin Students

The Packaging School recently published a Packaging Design with SolidWorks course. Through a series of instructional videos and practice projects, students will learn how to apply the fundamental tools of Solidworks to develop packaging systems.

The development of this course came out of a need from the Beuth University of Applied Sciences (Beuth Hochschule für Technik). Yes, The Packaging School now has roots in Berlin! As a complement to traditional higher education, enables Universities to bridge theory with packaging-specific applications. Beuth University had a need for packaging expertise and The Packaging School was able to supply that, from thousands of miles away.

The Packaging Design with Solidworks course kicked off with a LIVE webinar instruction facilitated by Dr. Andrew Hurley. Thanks to advances in technology, this interaction between professor and students was seamless. The platform empowers anyone anywhere in the world with the knowledge needed to excel in a packaging related field. We are honored to have students enrolled from all over the globe.

As this case with the Packaging Design with SolidWorks course in Berlin proves, The Packaging School is an ideal complement to traditional education programs looking to expand their teaching abilities without expanding faculty.

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