Top 20 Best Packaging Programs 2017

The Packaging School has been ranked at number 19 in Value Colleges’ ranking of the Top 20 Best Packaging Programs, 2017.

With globalization and e-commerce defining the 21st-century economy, the world-wide packaging industry is set to remain one of the most crucial elements of manufacturing, trade, and retail. From materials science and engineering to design and marketing, packaging encompasses a broad range of skills and specializations, but many students with technical and design talents do not realize what options are available in packaging. There is a whole world of career opportunity ready to be addressed, and packaging science, engineering, and design programs are growing in colleges and universities across the nation.

Value Colleges is turning attention to this exciting and promising field of study, researching the best educational opportunities for students who want to enter packaging. VC features only regionally-accredited, reputable colleges and universities that have what it takes to get students the education they need to pay off in an in-demand career.

“A unique, fully-online certificate program, The Packaging School may be a glimpse into the future of higher education in packaging and design.”

The Packaging School’s placement in the VC ranking tells readers that they can trust our institution to prove its value in quality and opportunity. Featured amongst prominent packaging universities like California Polytechnic State University, Virginia Tech, Rutgers University, Clemson University, and Michigan State University. You can read the article at to see the complete rankings.

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