Leveraging Anthropomorphic Aspects in Packaging Design

Psychology researchers have done thousands of studies showing the links between appeal and the human form. Humans find humans attractive; this is not a novel concept. As a society, we have been doing this type of stuff since the beginning of time—fashioning vessels that resemble people. Our brains are wired to seek out the familiar human form and engage with it. And when anthropomorphism is applied structurally, it’s awesome. Marketers and designers have latched on to this connection. 

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The Packaging School Partners with Sonoco Thermosafe for Cold Chain Certification Program

The program shares several years of knowledge and expertise of ISC Labs on design, development, temperature monitoring, impact of regulations, handling and shipment of temperature controlled packaging. The first level, called the “Fundamentals Course” is a self-paced, online course that offers training participants a systematic approach to developing a foundational understanding of Temperature Assurance Packaging. This online course is available at The second level, called the “Professional Course” is a one-day, live training course conducted by university professors, laboratory engineers, and industry experts that provides hands-on instruction and training. 

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