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Outlines the value you can bring to your organization by implementing testing into your packaging and prduct development.

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Providing awareness and sharing hurdles to shipping dangerous goods packaging.

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Businesses are increasingly looking to understand the environmental impact of their activities. Life Cycle Analysis software can help companies align their sustainability goals and understand the environmental factors they are facing.

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Premium Automotive Resources

Packaging in Transportation

Senator International’s perspective on packaging as an international freight forwarding company.

Returnable Rack Design

Details the technical aspects of developing a returnable packaging system.

Part Supplier Panel

3 perspectives on common packaging challenges from different Tier 1 suppliers.

Impact on Digitalizing the Supply Chain

Outlining their approach to digitizing the supply chain and how this effects the supply chain from a technology perspective.

Alternative Packaging Panel

4 perspectives on common packaging challenges from different packaging suppliers.

GM Transforms Tool Tracking with RFID

Planning, development, and implementation of RFID solutions for GM and how the auotmotive industry can benefit from the use and understanding of this technology.

Exercise in TRUST, Expendable backup packaging fiscal discipline

How disruptive technology can improve the logistics management of car parts

Nissan, Returnable Packaging Management

Packaging criterias for Nissan packaging development

Track & Trace, or Out of Place

What happens to packaging during its life cycle? Challenges and concepts around tracking packaging after design and manufacuture.

Contract Packaging for Replacement Service Parts

Promt thought on where contract packaging may or may not be a good fit for your business.

Aftersales Automotive Packaging: Transition in a Global Supply Chain

Establishing packaging that meets local and global requirements

The Evolution of Dana's Packaging Strategy

Complexities and challenges to facing a redesign of over 25,000 parts packaging

The Future of Supply Chain: Integrated Real-Time Decision Support Systems (DSS)

The future is happening now. Yash will talk about how the business landscape is changing for supply chain and logistics industries through analytics, algorithms, and artificial intelligence.

Introducing Reusable Packaging: Considering all Angles

During this presentation, Itha will take you through 10 main processes and equip you with a template of detailed swim lanes showing the sequence of tasks executed by Packaging Suppliers, Part Suppliers, OEMs, Logistics and other Service Providers.

Running Out of Floor Space? Solutions for Optimizing Your Facility

Warehouses worldwide are overcrowded and operating inefficiently as a result. In this presentation, Rob is bringing solutions for solving your overcrowded warehouse problems and cost savings for your company as a result.

Optimizing Wheel and Battery Packaging

Oftentimes packaging is one of the last considerations in the automotive supply chain. Carefully choosing the right packaging for your parts can save time and money where it counts.

Packaging Challenges Among the Supply Chain

“Just in Time” packaging can be an enabler to many of the issues facing the industry today.

Driving Automotive Forward: Innovative Solutions and Customized Programs for the Automotive Industry

IPS will present a number of case studies in creating efficient processes, reducing labor time, and sourcing products locally. Chances are, at least one of these case studies will be relevant to problems in efficiency that you’re currently facing.

Systems Approach to the Design and Fabrication of Automatic Loaded Steel Racks

After working for BMW on an international scale, Werner is an expert in process efficiency. His presentation will walk through his 9-step approach to design and analysis and quality assurance processes.

Insights from the Bodyshop and Assembly Line

The panelists will answer questions about packaging challenges, trends, and hiccups in the supply chain. The audience will have a chance to participate in asking questions of the panelists.

Supply Chain Management Today

Brenda will answer questions and speak candidly about her experience of over 25 years at BMW Manufacturing before diving into the details of supply chain management in the modern economy.

Are High Gloss and Painted Parts Damage Increasing Rework Costs?

One of the main concerns of the automotive supply chain is the cost of parts damage as a result of poor packaging and poor planning. Eva’s presentation will offer solutions to this problem and include highly successful case studies.

One of the main concerns of the automotive supply chain is the cost of parts damage as a result of poor packaging and poor planning. Eva’s presentation will offer solutions to this problem and include highly successful case studies.

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